Friday, January 13, 2012

One Month

Wow can you believe it we have had custody of our sweeties for a month already.  I feel like I have lived a years worth in that month.  Funny, during the paperwork process I felt like the days couldn't come fast enough and now I wonder where the days have gone.

Here are their pics from the first few days

I can honestly say that although we have been through the ringer, this has been the single most important month of my life.

I have seen my older children grow and our princess find herself.  The kids scream like crazy when she gets home - they call her LaLa jsut like little man did when he was a baby.

Little man is still having a little bit of a hard time but he is learning what it means to be a big brother.  He loves introducing the kids to his friends.  Even this morning he helped Cav find cloths to put on (apparently the ones I laid out were not good enough!)

FeiFei, well you know she is just part of the family, she has started giving me kisses and her language is really impressive.  Going through Costco repeating products helps!  Cereal say c-e-r-e-a-l.  She loves her fashion, pink, and toy guns!

Cav - he we have seen the most improvement.  He even kissed my hand this morning - let me repeat that a KISS to my hand!  Of course he will kiss Lala's cheek but I will take what I can get.  It shows me he is understanding what a family is, that we love him, and that we care about each other.  Just like Stitch we repeat over and over to him -

We are a family,
We don't hit,
we share,
we care about each other.

My husbands jsut laughs when he hears it but I truly believe that he jsut has no basis.  He is also smiling much more.  I started using my fingers to show happy and when he starts to freak a little I do that and it seems to bring him back.

Funny thing, I really, really have needed to get the car washed but I figured he would freak out.  FInally, I had had enough and decided with little man in the car to help make it sound fun we would try the carwash.  Do you know he started freaking out WHEN WE LEFT!!  I swear.

But truly, my attitude changed thanks to the book The Connected Child and he has slowly started to come around.   We are thrilled that he no longer goes hungry, that we can provide stimulation as well as the medical he will need.  But most importantly, this little boy needed a - well a Family.

I have also learned that he really needs routine.  So now I make sure we are home by two for his nap - period!

This is huge I never was a regulated mom.  Even when my kids were babies.  I always had to lie at the pediatrician about how often they ate.  Really, they cry I feed them, I don't count!

Sorry, I digress!

So yes, a month and we are slowly all becoming a family.  I often think that if we had only brought FeiFEi home it could have been easier.  We would almost already be a family.  But then I look at this little boy who works so incredibly hard to keep up with his brothers and sisters, and I am so glad we followed God's path and decided to bring him home

for he is our Hudson
 (watch the video).

And we have come full circle from this post

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  1. I have a 7 yr old we adopted from Detroit..he was 4.5 when he came to us but emotionally was a 2 yr. He would rage and scream, he would say terrible and horrible things he wished would happen (things he was afraid would happen), he had the worst anxiety I have ever seen....just breaks my heart thinking of those early days.

    He was diagnosed with ADHD but that could not be further from the truth. He definitely has anxiety and visual processing disorder and he is healing from PTSD and RAD.

    The attachment issues have healed so much but we have to be ultra careful what he watches, who he is around, etc because he has NO off switch. He looks to me, specifically, to keep him grounded. He has a limited ability to regulate his emotions. He can go crazy in a room full of toys with no one to help regulate him...its just too much info to process.

    I know it would have been easier to adopt one child but this child would not be to this place of healing that he's at if he'd had been somewhere else. I don't credit myself with that but the Lord. Also, God is using this child to change ME! I would not be the mother I am today if I'd taken the easy road. I needed the hard road to be molded the way that I have been.