Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First Day of Preschool

She did it!

Our little FeiFei was used to going to Half the Sky preschool twice a day everyday while in China.  She was content being home while the kids were off for Christmas Break, but once they all started going to school she jsut was so sad and every morning would point to herself.

When we would go drop off little man (late as always) she would stand in the back and jsut look so longingly at the class.

Of course our illustrious school district (ok the district is great but the child find focuses primarily on speech delays,) decided she was to "perfect" to qualify for one of their preschools.  Wait 6 months until she acquires language and then we will see if she qualifies, they said.  Really that will put us six weeks before kindergarten.

Anyhow, our fabulous church's CDC agreed to take her despite speaking Mandarin, and needing help on the potty (due to dwarfism).  We asked her all last week, using our fabulous iPhone app Jibbigo, if she wanted to go to school. Each time she would shyly nod but with her big grin.

Man, was she so excited this morning, and of course our big princess had to make sure she looked perfect for her first day.

All this sweet little girl could say was xie xie mama (thank you mama) over and over again.  I could have just cried.  Not just because she is as sweet as honey, but because in China all school is paid for.  It means you have a family to go to school.

She was thankful for something that most of our kids take for granted.

I was a freak of course, I hardly slept last night worried about how she would do.  I had a full page of notes about her including phonetic spellings of her most important Chinese words she might use.  

With one last xie xie mama she hung up her backpack and went right to the activity table!


If someone before we traveled had said that she would be in school less then a month after we got home, I would have told them they were insane, but as with everything adoption, I guess taking my cues from the little ones is the best idea.


  1. This was so sweet. Brought me tears!

  2. That's amazing, Yvette! So glad she did well and they were willing to work with her language development. Amazing! So, this gives you one-on-one with Cav. Girl, you are going to move mountains!

  3. Such a happy girl! I LOVE her expression! She's so excited! :)

  4. She is the cutest thing! Just amazing how much a family does for these kids! God's plan is perfect!

  5. I love your blog! Your kiddos are so cute! I am starting my little one (6) in school less than a month home too and expect some critism. For all of the same reasons you wrote about with your sweet girl, my girl is ready as well. More so than I am, but who am I to hold her back!!!