Sunday, April 19, 2015


We are DTC for Superman and were LID on 4/14.

The US expedited his adoption and now we are praying that China does the same.  If that is the case we leave in the next month to 6 weeks I am guessing.  If they don't (LOA's have significantly come down in time) I am still praying for August.

I know it's his timing, and He has always timed it just right in the past!

However, this post is about so much more.  This is about HIS provisions as well as His plan.

In June, there was a kickstarter that intrigued me - self tying water balloons.  THey had an opportunity as  part of their kickstart to become a wholesaler when their product hit the market.  AS a mom of 7 kids I knew this product would sell.  I am forever harassing my husband to get kid friendly products by the register of their men's store.  I figured this would be a great product to have up there.  In addition, the amount of money to buy in basically was covered by the product so it was financially a smart choice.  Besides in June we were good to go - remember no MORE kids was our mantra.  NOT even a thought in our heads of reusing.  That door wasn't just closed, it was unseen.

So I paid my money to kickstart the project and really pretty much forgot about it.

When we committed to Superman, my hubby's said I would have to figure out how to pay for it.  He is dealing with a new business start up and a large part of his salary has gone to that.  Although we were fine as a family, there just was not the $30,000 to bring superman home.  With an expedite - we had even less time to earn, save and raise that amount of money.

(STAY WITH ME - this is NOT a plea for $$$ I promise)

So I started making things to sell - dolls, coffee cozies, asking for funds to our Reece's Rainbow account, selling the kids clothes at the JBF sale - whatever I could think of.  And each time I felt like I was running into a mild roadblock.  Not a huge shut door, because things did sell but not at the rate we would need to get superman home.  In addition, with 7 kids, making the dolls and coffee cozies meant super late nights for me or time away from the kids in a big way.  All of which I was happy to do to bring this little guy home, but I slowly started to see the house suffer, and the kids act out.

I was feeling hopeless, I was begging God to answer my plea's.

I started second guessing if Superman was ours.

At the same time our paperwork was seeming to take forever, not huge roadblocks but a bunch of minor ones that added up to weeks.

And then that box of balloon's showed up - and I posted them on Facebook and sold a few, I listed them on Etsy and something miraculous happened.  The balloon's began to sell.  I needed to order more to keep up with the demand.  Then I made the fun starbucks cups and they began to sell.  Both super easy and quick.

 (did I forget to mention that when a huge box of 75 packs of water balloons showed up my husband was sure I was certifiable.  He is the realist, I am the dreamer, the chance taker.  I never doubted this product was amazing, and moms and dads would want them.  He thought we would be gifting balloons for the next 30 years LOL!)

Between all of the orders, and the previous ones from the dolls and coffee cozies, AND our paperwork finally getting to China - I suddenly feel like we are making huge progress.

And all that time when I was begging with God -
 He was saying I HAVE THIS!  
I knew how We were going to pay for this adoption
 before I ever asked you to adopt this child.  
BELIEVE in me!