Thursday, October 29, 2015

Yes . . .we are alive

So, I actually had a reader track me down and what she asked broke my heart - did we disrupt?

NO!!  We have our little guy home

He is sweet, happy and truly one of God's gems.

Racing to to do all of his paperwork AND raise the $30,000 needed to adopt him  - - in just over 5 1/2 months just about did me in BUT we met Remington (Remy) the very end of June.

From the time he walked through the door we knew he was severally delayed.  He looked like a baby who just learned to walk.

Oh but his soul - so sweet,
His spirit - so happy.
And of course we were in love.

Our time in China was hard - we were expecting a child that potentially was ill, but on target for an almost 5 ear old (or close.)  The truth was he couldn't navigate steps, had little ability to walk AND due to a last minute change Brahm went with me instead of Morgan.  This trip was hard.

Oh but this beautiful boy was so worth it.  And interestingly, because he looks very European in his facial features, everyone just assumed he was our birth child.  We never had any issues with the Chinese being mean to him or about him.

These two are 6 months apart in age, and a world apart in ability.  Tao has stepped into his role of big brother and has been amazing.

Remy is legally blind due to his albinism.  He sees well enough to get around which has been fabulous for our family.  Our kids are amazing - taking his hand and telling him up or down in Mandarin when he gets to steps etc.  Remy REALLY needed a family, he was so neglected and needs so much sensory input, so he is the perfect child in this crazy large family of ours.  Someone to always play with him, teach him, guide him.  

We have SOOOO far to go, but I know for a fact that this little boy needed to come home, and God has incredible plans for him.

(Don't worry I will be back soon, we are facing some pretty major changes over the next few weeks.)