Friday, April 26, 2013

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Repairing Cav's hands


Although this was a completely unknown and unexpected special need (I do laugh because radial club hand was an original item on our medical checklist and limb difference was NOT!)

So a month and 2 sets of cast we got to see our amazing Dr's handiwork!  And can I jsut say it was amazing!!

He took the tendon from teh ring finger ~ fished through and around the tendon by the palm (pinky side) and the attached it to the thumb.  In essence it has created a pulley effect.  They had enough tendon to wrap? it around the thumb stabilizing it and keeping it from constantly dislocating.

So we pulled off the casts yesterday and his thumbs (which previously was up by the other fingers) is now down where. . . you know where a thumb should be!!

Cav did great - I mean really I think this is cast number 11 & 12 for the kid to have removed and he finally has stopped screaming!!

The interesting fact is that Cav's casts did NOT slow him down at all (as in coloring with black sharpie on my light carpet slowing down LOL)  We realized how much he used the pointer and middle finger to do everything.  Now as his hands heal we will have OT and make sure he develops a pincer grasp.

Our amazing Dr came in to check on his work and then we were off to have splints made.

THere is also an incision on the front side of his thumb

I of course grabbed some washcloths to wash the grossness that had become his skin ugh.

Little man got to spend the day with us and besides the raging temper tantrum Cav had to throw in the mall it was a great day!!

Couldn't you jsut bite his little keester ` so cute!!

** I can't believe I forgot the most important part of the day.**
Because we didn't know,
We also did NOT research hand surgeons,
oh God sent us to the most amazing man.
He loves our boys,
There are very few people I let touch my littles,
but we are going ahead with Tao's surgery on May 10th.
I am at peace with this man.
I know that Tao's story especially,
touches him,
I pray that someday I might now how God is using this tiny boy of ours,
and what God has planned.

I also spent most of the drive home in tears,
not because the days was stressful,
or Cav lost it once again and then regained it,
but simply because God is in the details,
He knew this journey even before we went on it.
THAT gives me such comfort

Monday, April 22, 2013

Amputee video

This video is to awesome NOT to share -

It was created for the amputee victims from the Boston Marathon bombing but I think it shows so much more!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Boston - {amputations}

We live far away from the activities in Boston, but oh does my heart go out to the parents and families of the TWENTY people who are left as amputees.

I think because we didn't have a choice with Cav, 
because the only thing he wanted more than anything in the world was a pair of shoes,
we did not have the sense of loss that many if not all these people will be experiencing over the next weeks, months and years.

Cav never walked persay and so it is our guess he doesn't have that major feeling of loss.
He never knew what it felt like to get up and get dressed without that extra step of putting on his legs.
He never had the feeling of standing on ice and snow,
two legs that now require vision to make sure they are going where they should.
Extra socks for sweaty summer days
and prosthetics that are not fitting.

As we become more active in the amputee groups,
it is this overwhelming sense of loss 
and once again we feel like foreigners.

However, what Cav has
and we are slowly realizing
he will bestow upon the world,
is his go get um,
do anything personality.

For him, his legs are a gift.
They opened up a whole new world to him,
he knows what the alternative is,
and he is grateful for the technology.

As we pray for these twenty people,
and we see the amputee community rally around them.
We pray for their hearts and a peace for them.
Although we mourn for their hearts,
we pray they will get past this devastation,
and learn to fly.

Would you please pray along with us.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Tao update

I feel like we hit the ground running and haven't paid any attention to our newest little treasure.  PLEASE know he is perhaps the greatest treasure we could have ever been given.

I know doesn't that sound terrible - especially with 5 other kids.

But oh is this baby amazing.

He speaks so well (English) in 3-4 word sentences.

His newest favorite "Ma, I hep you"

I have no idea why he calls me Ma.

Everyone else calls me mom, momma, mommy LOL

I laugh at all the months of trying to pick out his perfect name
Yep, he is primarily jsut Tao ~ he knows he is also Griffen but doesn't respond to it.
When asked his name - he says "I TaoTao"
Most importantly the meaning of Tao (the way, an idea of peace) fits his gentle spirit

He loves all the kids - and we call him the completer.

(he is under the fuzzy cube in blue) He tries everything with the confidence we wouldn't hurt him

He loves anything to eat, and these two are thick as thieves

He loves these holidays with food!

Oh and we lick the beater here - like this Ma!

And Ma's iPhone - love that thing!

Loving the few warm days - glad I kept the little tykes stuff!

"I Hep yu buggy" (the big dopey one who has grown out of 3 sizes of jeans this year and is now relegated to shorts LOL)

Loves himself some JieJie and Lacrosse.  He has calmed her soul

I have no idea what God has planned for us in the future.
But this little bundle of pure joy has taught us to 

"Not to save our life for ourselves,
 but to spend it on Christ"


Yeah I wish it was a good kind of rocking it -
but the last few days I have been up way to late
 and then I heard the deep thud -
 an unmistakeable sickening sound.

The sound of Cav hitting his head on whatever he can find
rocking, rocking, rocking
trying to go back to sleep.

And my heart breaks
to think of so many children
in rows upon rows of cribs
all rocking and banging in an attempt
to go back to sleep.

SO many children still wait,
rocking themselves,
and ingrained need to be held.
and rocked by a loving family.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Available children with dwarfism

TO say it has been an eventful year in getting little ones adopted with dwarfism would be an understatement.  AS people see our little ones transition into our family (and families like ours) easily, the constant happy smiles, and the sheer delight these little people bring into our homes, others have considered this as a possible need.  One thing I can tell you for sure - once a family experiences the pure JOY of having a child with dwarfism in their home they all want ANOTHER!

Remember this post last year   ~ I was so happy to go down through the pictures and know each of these children are either home already being loved on OR their parents are coming for them.

EVERYONE except the very last boy on the list.

OVER a year and he is STILL waiting?!?!  WHY!!  He is healthy, he is amazing, he is jsut short!

Zach is born 6/4/02 - he was 1 when he was found.  He cares for himself, speaks clearly and in complete sentences.  He has been part of the Half the Sky program since 2005 (file completed in 2007)
I am working on getting an update for him.

Darwin - 12/3/02

And this darling - yeah wait until you see this surprise.  Darwin's family is no longer to proceed so he is available again.  He is smart, athletic and has the same athletic and performing talents as Zach (above).

Madison adoption is happy to still honor his $5000 grant reducing their fees to jsut $1500


The BIG NEWS that has been bothering me for a month and I couldn't figure out until TODAY!!

ZACH & DARWIN are ~ 


Just 2 hours away from each other!!

WOuldn't they be perfect brothers
Virtual twins!!

That means 2 fabulous little treasures without extra time in Ch!na


I am shocked this little sweetie is still waiting!

Haven - is 5 1/2 and jsut about the cutest Pixie I have ever seen!
I am not sure if she is specific to Lifeline, but they have the cutest video of her!!

Vincent - 6 years old

Lifeline also has amazing video of him.

He is so smart, and absolutely darling.  He is extremely mobile and is in desperate need of a family.  He lives in a very small orphanage where the healthiest elderly care for the children in their rooms.

THis darling boy has EVC and jsut had surgery for his knock knees through a partnership with Hong Kong.  I will try and find the videos again.  He is amazing and in a wonderful NGO

Jemma will be two years old in June. She is from China and takes a great picture! Unfortunately, we are not sure whether or not she has achondroplasia - she didn't have many pictures. She does have 'hydrocephalus', which we are wondering is part of her achondroplasia or not. Once a parent would get her medical file, hopefully her diagnosis will be a little more apparent. What we do know about her is that she's absolutely adorable. 

Darling little guy born 02/2004.  

He is described as being optimistic, brave, strong, and outgoing. He has achondroplasia. 

Love this little guy born 11/2005

He loves to learn,and enjoys jigsaw puzzles. He also likes performing, although he's shy at first. He gets along with lots of other kids and loves to play. 

He is with (but I think he should be going back to the shared list soon)

Beyond Handsome boy!!

About 10 years old and is described as being creative and outgoing.  He is at the top of his class! He loves to help the younger children and likes to sing and dance.

PLEASE let me know if you have particular questions about any of these children.  I have seen most of their files and do NOT have reservations on any of them.  I would bring any of them home in a heartbeat if my husband would let me.  Dwarfism is such an EASY special need.  However, these kids have NO chance if they age out except this hideous place.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fisher of men

Oh how Jesus uses our children!

SO few days this little one has rested in my arms,
but already I see him doing God's work.
Some hate the word orphan,
but I feel it is so important to remind people,
he is not our prize.

He sat for a YEAR!
His seeming diagnosis so scary
No one wanted him
We even had out doubts.

A dimpled little one,
who is a fisher of men.
He draws them in with his smile,
his dimples,
his fat little arms around their neck.

Almost every day,
I see this little fisher of men,
draw someone else in,
making adoption seem less scary,
showing the blessings He has in store.

He loves people,
his giggle is contagious,
he exudes love, and passion.

Although I feel so blessed
that he is our son,
I feel even more blessed
to be able to see how God will use him.

    Matthew 4:19
    “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Not the hero ~ to anonymous

Somehow, somewhere people think that you have to be perfect to do God's work.

He did NOT call us because we are perfect.

We don't have some amazing ability

Special powers so to speak.

In fact if it was up to me,

If I were choosing people to do His work,

then the VERY last family

I would choose would be ours.

That being said, I probably wouldn't have chosen Paul either.

For the person who left this deleted comment ~

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Healing hearts":

wish you were the person you want everyone to think you are 

I don't keep this blog to make anyone think a particular way about me, 
in fact I have tried very hard to document our struggles.  

On my bad days 

I long for the days that I got my hair done every six weeks,
instead of drove to Denver for another medical appointment.

I long for the days I could go to the gym,
instead of staying home with a tantruming child 
who has every right to scream his head off,
But I know few others would understand.

I long for the days where we could walk in public,
and blend in with the crowd.

On my bad days 
I long for ladies night out,
instead of trying to teach a 5 year old,
enough so she can pass kindergarten.

But on my GOOD days,
I look at my old superficial life
and rejoice that in fact we said yes.

Most days my heart soars as my children 
learn new things.

I now rejoice when my newest child,
seeks me out 
and lays his head on my shoulder.

For a second I am enough,
despite all my faults.

I heard exactly what I needed today in my Bible Study.

"The Hero in every story is NEVER a human figure ~ 
the HERO is always God"

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Healing hearts

We originally were going to do Cav and Tao's surgery together - then they scheduled surgery (you know the one I scheduled 4 months out) at an outerlying surgery clinic.  Because of his dwarfism Tao NEEDS an anesthesiologist familiar with dwarfism.  I specifically wanted the anesthesiologist who did Fei's surgery.  This is one area I am neurotic about.  When Brahm was a toddler there were two littles who died during their simple surgeries.

To say when I got the call I was miffed is an understatement.

BUT I also reminded myself that God has a plan.

AND that plan was great.

Originally my Aunt ( They have stepped up to love our children as grandparents) was going to come and stay a week, then when I found that it was 1 boy and outpatient surgery I didn't feel the need.  Cuz you know we can handle a lot LOL!

The week before surgery she called and said she was coming, she had a dream and felt it was imperative to Cav's soul that both my husband and I be with Cav.  To show him his worth, to hopefully get him to buy into the fact he was our son forever AND had value.

She drove out to COlorado from St Louis.  Arriving early enough to attend parent teacher conferences, bake with Morgan and well jsut be grandma.

Chris and I stayed overnight by the surgery center as it was almost 2 hrs away (as in halfway to greeley - or psat Denver and keep going to the cow pastures !)

We had a nice dinner, and were able to see a side to Cav we had not seen before. We saw a funny little boy who loved being the center of attention - a single child, lost in a big family.

That evening together healed our hearts.

The hours in the morning waiting for surgery - healed our hearts.

Caring for our lost boy - is healing all our hearts.