Thursday, April 25, 2013

Repairing Cav's hands


Although this was a completely unknown and unexpected special need (I do laugh because radial club hand was an original item on our medical checklist and limb difference was NOT!)

So a month and 2 sets of cast we got to see our amazing Dr's handiwork!  And can I jsut say it was amazing!!

He took the tendon from teh ring finger ~ fished through and around the tendon by the palm (pinky side) and the attached it to the thumb.  In essence it has created a pulley effect.  They had enough tendon to wrap? it around the thumb stabilizing it and keeping it from constantly dislocating.

So we pulled off the casts yesterday and his thumbs (which previously was up by the other fingers) is now down where. . . you know where a thumb should be!!

Cav did great - I mean really I think this is cast number 11 & 12 for the kid to have removed and he finally has stopped screaming!!

The interesting fact is that Cav's casts did NOT slow him down at all (as in coloring with black sharpie on my light carpet slowing down LOL)  We realized how much he used the pointer and middle finger to do everything.  Now as his hands heal we will have OT and make sure he develops a pincer grasp.

Our amazing Dr came in to check on his work and then we were off to have splints made.

THere is also an incision on the front side of his thumb

I of course grabbed some washcloths to wash the grossness that had become his skin ugh.

Little man got to spend the day with us and besides the raging temper tantrum Cav had to throw in the mall it was a great day!!

Couldn't you jsut bite his little keester ` so cute!!

** I can't believe I forgot the most important part of the day.**
Because we didn't know,
We also did NOT research hand surgeons,
oh God sent us to the most amazing man.
He loves our boys,
There are very few people I let touch my littles,
but we are going ahead with Tao's surgery on May 10th.
I am at peace with this man.
I know that Tao's story especially,
touches him,
I pray that someday I might now how God is using this tiny boy of ours,
and what God has planned.

I also spent most of the drive home in tears,
not because the days was stressful,
or Cav lost it once again and then regained it,
but simply because God is in the details,
He knew this journey even before we went on it.
THAT gives me such comfort


  1. Cav continues to be in my prayers, I just have a special place in my heart for him. I pray his tantrums are less as time goes by. So glad God lead you to such a wonderful surgeon and will be praying for Tao on May 10.

  2. So happy for Cav! He is such a beautiful little boy!

  3. Would you look at that sweet thumb! Oh happy day!!

  4. So happy that Cav has the medical care he needs. I can't even imagine what his life would have been like had he stayed in China!

  5. Wow that is amazing!!! I am so thankful you have Cav and that he has you.

  6. I'm still hopelessly in love with Cav. He is GORGEOUS. So happy the surgery was a success (do you have any close ups of his thumbs before?) I pray he develops a pincer grasp just a quickly as he took to walking when he get his legs! If anybody can make good use of those newly positioned thumbs, it's that boy, I'm sure!

    Praying for cutie Tao when they remove his extra digits next month. Are they functioning? Like he can move them? Or are they just hanging around like an unwelcome house guest?

    All the best! I keep thinking of Cav and hoping that the bonding continues. he really is a special boy. Keep loving on that little guy!