Friday, May 8, 2015


I think I blogged about Camp No limits we went to in Janurary.  Cav was able to try out a set of running blades there and in typical Cav fashion he was running on his own in 3 passes.  


Unfortunately they are $20,000 A PIECE.

And insurance deems them cosmetic.

I don't care whether we are adopting again or not, I just can't justify $40,000 for running blades.

Anyhow, Colorado offers a running clinic through Hangar prosthetics
we went last year.

It was great but almost everyone there has a "good leg"
blah, blah, push off with your good leg etc.

In addition, if they were bilateral, they had their own knees.
It was frustrating for him, and for me.

With Cav's history he WANTS to run, 

BEING AN AMPUTEE doesn't make Cav different,
His inability to RUN makes him different.

When the people from Hangar called this year I told them flat out, 
I couldn't subject Cav to knowing he can run with blades 
but us not being able to acquire a pair for him yet. 
(we missed the grant application which ended in Dec.)

The nicest woman - who puts on this event took it upon herself to beg, borrow and plead for a pair of running blades for Cav.

We went from a pair being donated, to the only pediatric pair were in Iceland?!?!
They finally were able to pull an adult pair (similar to what he had tried before) 
OFF the production line for him!!

When we arrived - they were waiting for him to rebuild his legs so he could also run.
Many said he couldn't because these were for 120 lb person and Cav is 48 lbs.

I told them to give him a chance.

He smiled,
He beamed!!

(we are praying that we can get him a pair in the next few months that are made for his weight.)

This sweet puppy is 5 mod old and Tao LOVED her!