Friday, April 29, 2011

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Searching for a QingDao Boy

Ok the search is on!  Am I crazy?  We . . . ok me . . . are actively searching for a boy to add to this whole process.  Now let me say that my husband is going to a very 'Colorado' type mens retreat through church thi weekend!  I told him he really needs to pray about bringing home two kids.  Did I mention he is a thinker LOL!   Anyhow, if I know my husband he will see the benefit and we will go forward.  Our biggest problem is that we really need to find another child in Shandong province.  This will keep our two week time line in China the same.

Our biggest reason is that we will probably be traveling this fall/ winter.  This is our little guys worst time for the chronic pain associated with his type of dwarfism.  I can handle his pain for a short time, but longer than that and multiple plane trips etc I think will be to much for him to handle.

So the great search is on - and in the process we have looked (I mean me) at hundreds of kids.  There are so many amazing little ones out there.  We have also found two children with dwarfism if anyone is interested.  I haven't seen them on the LPA site and they are CUTE!!  When we started this process I couldn't find a single one that wasn't already spoken for, and now I wish I could bring them all home!

We are open to either gender (but a boy might make bedrooms easier).  Also boys aren't adopted nearly as much as little girls - really, they are so fabulous!!  Anyhow, our biggest issue is mobility and independence.  I will have two little people 13 months apart.  Although they are both mobile and fabulous, they will still need a stroller etc for long walks etc.  (They are little they have shorter legs and tire easier, also our little guy has crappy joints which cause him pain - like a grandpa.)

Soooo, if you know of someone fabulous that meets this criteria please let me know!  We already applied for our I-800A for our peanut so I want to make this decision quickly as not to hold up her adoption.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Yeah we found pictures of our new little one!  From a link off of a link to a group on yahoo and then another link.  We are potentially looking to bring home a second child at the same time we bring home our little one!  Anyhow, after much pray we determined (ok me DH hasn't quite agreed yet LOL) that the best idea is to get another child from the same province.  This keeps our in country time still down to two weeks.  With work, school and our little guys physical issues we feel we can Do 2 weeks but three is pushing it.  Anyhow, because we aren't particularly picky on age, gender and will except a variety of special needs we will hopefully find someone as perfect for our family as our little girl!  Please pray that my husband sees the benefit and doesn't worry about the cost etc.

And for a picture of our little one .  .  . I sure hope they are ok to post, but if not I am sure someone will tell me LOL!!  Can't you just eat her up!!

We also got a letter today that said we are logged in with USCIS for our I-800A as of April 14, 2011!  And the paperwork roles on!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Ugh things are so slow!

We just want our little FeiFei here with us.  Get her the medical care she probably needs and love on her.  I have never been a patient person, but I have a feeling that this process will teach me to be patient.  I am even more frustrated over the new rules.  If we don't have a TA by August 1 then our post adoption goes from one year (2 visits) to 5 years.  As a nurse, and a mom I am all for ensuring the safety of the children, but I am also for the attachment and finalization of the adoption too.  I hope things will be different when we have her with us, but what if we don't fill out a paper just right or in my case not on time.  Not because we don't want to, but just because we have four kids and life can get in the way.  Ok done venting.

The really scary one is Oct 1, when most of our current paperwork will no longer qualify and we get to start over.  Ugh can't I jsut pay someone to speed up tis process.  I always heard that adoption was not for the faint of heart.  I can't even imagine doing this and not already having a child.

Our paperwork is with the adoption agency being reviewed and then notarized (I think).  We also have submitted for the i-800A from USCIS.  So now we wait.