Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Healing hearts

We originally were going to do Cav and Tao's surgery together - then they scheduled surgery (you know the one I scheduled 4 months out) at an outerlying surgery clinic.  Because of his dwarfism Tao NEEDS an anesthesiologist familiar with dwarfism.  I specifically wanted the anesthesiologist who did Fei's surgery.  This is one area I am neurotic about.  When Brahm was a toddler there were two littles who died during their simple surgeries.

To say when I got the call I was miffed is an understatement.

BUT I also reminded myself that God has a plan.

AND that plan was great.

Originally my Aunt ( They have stepped up to love our children as grandparents) was going to come and stay a week, then when I found that it was 1 boy and outpatient surgery I didn't feel the need.  Cuz you know we can handle a lot LOL!

The week before surgery she called and said she was coming, she had a dream and felt it was imperative to Cav's soul that both my husband and I be with Cav.  To show him his worth, to hopefully get him to buy into the fact he was our son forever AND had value.

She drove out to COlorado from St Louis.  Arriving early enough to attend parent teacher conferences, bake with Morgan and well jsut be grandma.

Chris and I stayed overnight by the surgery center as it was almost 2 hrs away (as in halfway to greeley - or psat Denver and keep going to the cow pastures !)

We had a nice dinner, and were able to see a side to Cav we had not seen before. We saw a funny little boy who loved being the center of attention - a single child, lost in a big family.

That evening together healed our hearts.

The hours in the morning waiting for surgery - healed our hearts.

Caring for our lost boy - is healing all our hearts.


  1. How awesome! Love, love, love this!

  2. This made me smile so big! I pray Cav's surgery goes well.

  3. We are also bringing home two, and that's one of my worries; how to connect individually with each of them. Good thing surgery helps with that, lol, since they'll both need at least one.

  4. Love this post, my friend, and love your heart for your children.