Sunday, March 31, 2013


I LOVE EASTER  for me it is like New years Day - the beginning of the year.

Nothing is more glorious than the resurrection,
and as the day progressed I was assaulted by the people He uses.
THose that are not worthy.
Have you been watching the Bible on TLC?
Folks, of God can use Paul to do His work
then you better believe He will us YOU and I.

Surrender my friends,
as my new year dawns,
I hope to follow His path,
WITHOUT reserve.

Because of the importance I feel for His resurrection,
I am a freak about clothes.
I totally know that He doesn't care,
but I want to come to Him in our finest.

And since my figure isn't so cute to dress,
I dress our littles
and then bribe them with food and treats for pictures.
I know roll your eyes I am a freak LOL!

Actually I picked out the little boys pullovers and Morgan did the rest!
I love Fei's orange don't you!

We got through pictures before Cav lost his mind.
He screamed and tantrumed the rest of the day.
I had to laugh as I went through other blogs,
and read over and over about others from hard places,
doing the SAME!
Atleast I knew he was normal.
It's hard on our other kids,
but this year we kept reminding them Jesus died for ALL of us.

Saturday Little man learned what Easter Egg hunting was all about

One of these Buggy?

WHAT! There is CANDY inside!

Yeah, that is all our little sugar elf needed to know!!

AND she had it down pat!!

Cav has enough use of his fingers to pick up the eggs

And Morgan was sweet enough to keep a hand on him
so he didn't fall over when he tried to get them off the ground!


Our NEW family picture
If you LOVE one please let me know!!

Love Tao in this to bad everyone else was asleep!

THis so shows their personalities
 (heehee Morgan had to be photoshopped as her dress was over her head when she jumped!!)

LOVE this kandid shot!!

And Mr Dimples

They all received
a book,
an outfit for spring (workout clothes except Fei)
Grandpa (my Uncle bought them all bunnies - so sweet!)

Blessings all for the upcoming year - 
may it be amazing,
and may God use you for His Glory!


  1. I like the first family photo, with Tao holding onto sweet and very real

  2. Our Sunshine tantrumed on/off all day, too...The rest of them were too sick to!

    My fave picture? The one against the tree! Great pic and great spot!

  3. I agree with Elizabeth, the one with Tao holding onto Morgan makes me smile every time. :-) The second choice is a tie between the one with the tree and the one just below it with everyone in a line.
    The picture of Tao in the glasses makes me grin too - how can you not? :-)