Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Break

Cav had surgery the Friday before Spring Break, actually he and Tao were supposed to but Gd was smarter than me and knew that would be the death of me.

However, I did NOT make ANY plans for Spring BReak because of the surgery

AND our natives are restless LOL!

It's funny, most of the time I don't feel like I have a big family,
MOST of the time, I don't feel like we have an 'odd' family.

BUT Spring Break has brought out those two facts 100 fold.

The restless natives forced me to quickly call our prosthetist for a next day appt and a FUN family trip in our over sized VAN which BTW doesn't fit in parking garages and this momma forgot about until we hit the little swinging bar and then had to BACK UP the monster van ugh!!

Anyhow, Cav's legs are a little more even, and we spent the day at the natural history museum with our friends who met us in Denver.

Then we went to the kids favorite Casa Bonita  - the food is slightly better and they had a blast showing their friends around!!

For all of those Cav fans out there - I was so proud of him today.  We brought the double stroller, and I made him stay in it most of the time so he wouldn't get knocked over.  ANYHOW, at one point the noise, heat whatever got to much, he laid back, we closed the sun shade and he chilled.

He did NOT scream
He did NOT cry
he chilled
and this momma is jumping for JOY!!

FeiFei is mispopularity and has had a ton of playdates.

Cav & Tao can con jsut about any unsuspecting adoption loving momma out of their phone!!

Awesome new space exhibit at Denver natural history museum

Painting with friends!!

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  1. I can't remember, but were you the one who made Cav a weighted blanket. If so, I was wondering if it worked. I have a daughter who has some sensory issues and were thinking of having my mom make her one if it works. At therapy they have her wear a weighted vest. It seems to help her.