Monday, March 18, 2013


Brahm and Fei are jsut over a year apart by birthdate (we think she is more like 6 months younger than him though.)  Anyhow, we have a lot of visits from the toothfairy lately.

I left a lot of people hanging when Fei threw her tooth in the garbage.  I was horrified, mixed with utter sadness.

I don't know WHY it hit me so hard.

Sometimes the stupidest things do.

Then one day in the shower (it's the only place I think anymore LOL)

It dawned on my imperialistic self.

In an environment where food is hard to come by, and children barely have toys ~ there jsut IS NOT money for such ridiculious dreams as a tooth fairy.  It's jsut one more day.

I am beyond thrilled now that I get to experience this first with my princess!

Love my two toothless cuties!

Of course since I also have teenagers I jsut hear the chaching of the 
orthodontist bill when I look at these two LOL!