Monday, March 11, 2013

A step forward - Cav

I look back on our adoption process and think of how blissfully naive we were especially in the adoption of Cav.

A surgery, some prosthetics, a little time and we would be golden.

Little did we know that the steps that really mattered - the ones to fix his soul would be long and hard fought.

But they are coming - tiny steps but they are appearing.

Today (cuz I can't sleep LOL)
we went on our usual all family breakfast after church.

To Cracker Bill's (as Brahm called since he could talk LOL)

Cav had chicken and dumplings and I had ordered extra grits because this is the closest we can come to his congee.

Anyhow, he was slopping away on his church clothes so we fashioned a napkin around his neck.

THis set him off.

We sat there, on the edge of our seats, keys located, encase we had to make a mad dash to the car
with a screaming, raging child.

He pouted but cried quietly to himself ~ impressive in itself.

We continued to eat and talk (daddy is only home on Sundays so this is our family time.)

Reminding him if he wanted to join us he could replace the napkin and eat his food.

He whimpered and cried quietly for a while longer


He did it.

The child who would rage for 4, 6, even 8 hours despite every effort to help him to stop
turned himself around,
replaced his napkin
and ate his food nicely.
AND the grits ~ blech!

We continued on without missing a beat eventhough everyone was in shock (including the other kids).  Once we left, we congratulated him on joining us and mentioned how fun it was.

Now we are working on being caring!


  1. I am so blessed to read this! Love your blog and your honesty; and so happy to hear that Cav is making progress. The unconditional love of a family is a wonderful thing! Praise God!

  2. Yay Cav! Yay for healing, in all it's small forms. I wonder if the napkin tied around his neck reminded him of something unpleasant from his past, or if it was just the loss of control that set him off?

    I guess it goes without saying that it sure is a good thing that he is so dashingly handsome, that through all the hardships, it helps to be able to look as such a cute and deserving face. haha.

    Keep fighting the good fight, family! I know there are the hard days, but remember how far he has come and remember where he has been -- things we can't even imagine ourselves.

    I'm just blessed to know you're not giving up on him. I've watched a few blogs where the kids were given up on and sent away and it hurts my heart -- I wish I could do something.

  3. Also -- haha grits are great!! No bleh!! lolol. It depends on what you add to them. I couldn't eat them plain.

    Some favorites are:
    Grits with american cheese and a little salt/butter stirred in. the cheese melts in. cheesy grits. yum.

    Grits with sugar and jam.

    Grits with butter salt and pepper

    Grits with butter salt and bacon crumbled in, yum.

    Grits stirred under your cheesy scrambled eggs.

  4. That is a such a blessing that only He can deliver.
    I'm so happy for progress being made for Cav's heart.

  5. You go Cav!!! It's a long road but he will come around. :) Praise God for the healing that is happening in his little self!

  6. Glad he is making baby step. has the blanket you made helped. i have a 20 month old who has sensory issues and the therapist suggest a vest or blanket?

  7. Way to go Cav! That is awesome, not just a small step....but a leap it seems. Praise Jesus that he is redeeming.