Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Snapshot ~ {DOUG}

Yep, this momma has officially gone of the deep end.

While out getting bunny food at Big R with one particular older daughter, I got conned into . . .

A very smiley,
chick fitting,
who they named DOUG!

And since I was taking pictures of Doug
While the brooder pen was being cleaned
I got these guys (the name starts with a W but I forgot)
BUT they have the best feet ever!!

So there you go,
One very sweet, 
and seemingly smiling
who we actually hope is a girl.
AND 25 chicks


Ni Hao Yall


  1. How cute, I love them all and Doug.

  2. We have ducks, and LOVE them! Our girl is actually getting to be a good layer but we do have drakes in there as well so we have to check our eggs closely, she was sitting on a few today so who knows one day we may let her have babies.

    Ducks are fun.

  3. Doug is adorable:) So are the chicks. I have actually been thinking about a coop for our backyard, I am reading a book about backyard farming and it has a lot of info on small coops, etc. I'd love to hear where you are putting yours because if I remember right you live in town, right?