Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday Hope

If you have followed you know Good Friday service has been very influentual in our lives over the past several years.  Before that, I would sit and absorb the incredible music from the full strings orchestra crowded upon the stage of our little church as the chancel choir performed Requim.  I would leave in sadness.
But I never really GOT IT.

Two years ago I understood the darkness,
the lack of Christ which resulted in our moving forward with Cav

Last year it confirmed our decision to move forward with Tao.

THis year was different.
As the pastor spoke of Christmas Eve and the one night of waiting until hope arrived.
And Good Friday and the darkness
and waking up Saturday ~ to DARKNESS
and going to bed on Saturday
not knowing what Sunday would bring ~ MORE darkness
or the light of redemption.

AS the Christ candle moved further and further from the alter
and the darkness descended

ALL I could think about are the orphans.
Not about the babies laying swaddled in blankets
hoping someone would find them in time.

NO, all I could think of are the older orphans
who go to bed each night wondering if tomorrow will bring them hope.

Hope of a future,
of consistent meals,
hope for education,
hope of belonging,
of eternal salvation.

And my heart aches.
Whether these children's "Good Friday death"
was as a newborn,
a month old,
even several years old.

WHEN will be their resurrection?

WHEN will they find the hope?

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