Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cultural difference?

No cute pictures today as I lay here and my heart hurts.

The right of passage and it was thrown away.

FeiFei lost her first tooth.

It's been wiggly for days and with as much as she obsesses* over things we thought it would be out quickly.

Between school pickup and dinner it came out.

We all cheered.

We looked for a baggy to put it in.

But where was it?

In the garbage can

And my heart broke just a little bit more.

* the obsessing - I have talked to other moms and we aren't sure if it's a Chinese thing.  She messes with her hair, messes with her nails, her cuticles, shakes her fingers.  So odd


  1. my sister from China did the same thing...threw her teeth out when they fell out. Didn't even tell it probably is a cultural thing...there is no tooth fairy in China.

  2. Oh Yvette! I'm so sad for you and Fei! In our house when we misplaced (ie threw away or, in one case, accidentally swallowed) a tooth, we drew a pic for the Tooth Fairy? She still left the money. Does FeiFei seem at all excited about the tooth fairy? Maybe she doesn't get it?

  3. Could the obsessing about things be partially due to sensory issues? Our youngest obsesses about the little bits of torn skin around the cuticles, small cuts, invisible boo-boos. They are fine once covered with a Band-Aid (we should take out stock!). Sorry about the sadness. I must say, she is so very cute that I can never look at her picture without a huge smile.

  4. Just think, Yvette ~ you will be the one who can show her the value of her life and teach her how much you care about even the little things. I must say we've been there...big owies with no tears, and moments that our sweetie doesn't rely on us when we think she should, but we have years to show her how much she means to us and will simply work on this every day. These moments definitely hurt your mommy heart, I know. I will be praying.

  5. Kailin swallowed both of her first two teeth, so we didn't even get to SEE them! She wrote a letter to the tooth fairy explaining (which I saved). I know how crushed you must have been. I have been there, too. Take heart - she saw how special it was to you and THAT is what truly matters.