Saturday, April 20, 2013

Boston - {amputations}

We live far away from the activities in Boston, but oh does my heart go out to the parents and families of the TWENTY people who are left as amputees.

I think because we didn't have a choice with Cav, 
because the only thing he wanted more than anything in the world was a pair of shoes,
we did not have the sense of loss that many if not all these people will be experiencing over the next weeks, months and years.

Cav never walked persay and so it is our guess he doesn't have that major feeling of loss.
He never knew what it felt like to get up and get dressed without that extra step of putting on his legs.
He never had the feeling of standing on ice and snow,
two legs that now require vision to make sure they are going where they should.
Extra socks for sweaty summer days
and prosthetics that are not fitting.

As we become more active in the amputee groups,
it is this overwhelming sense of loss 
and once again we feel like foreigners.

However, what Cav has
and we are slowly realizing
he will bestow upon the world,
is his go get um,
do anything personality.

For him, his legs are a gift.
They opened up a whole new world to him,
he knows what the alternative is,
and he is grateful for the technology.

As we pray for these twenty people,
and we see the amputee community rally around them.
We pray for their hearts and a peace for them.
Although we mourn for their hearts,
we pray they will get past this devastation,
and learn to fly.

Would you please pray along with us.


  1. Yvette -- are Cav's knee joints at different heights on each leg? Just curious because this is something we might be experiencing soon when Reni gets knee joints in his next set of legs...