Thursday, April 11, 2013

Available children with dwarfism

TO say it has been an eventful year in getting little ones adopted with dwarfism would be an understatement.  AS people see our little ones transition into our family (and families like ours) easily, the constant happy smiles, and the sheer delight these little people bring into our homes, others have considered this as a possible need.  One thing I can tell you for sure - once a family experiences the pure JOY of having a child with dwarfism in their home they all want ANOTHER!

Remember this post last year   ~ I was so happy to go down through the pictures and know each of these children are either home already being loved on OR their parents are coming for them.

EVERYONE except the very last boy on the list.

OVER a year and he is STILL waiting?!?!  WHY!!  He is healthy, he is amazing, he is jsut short!

Zach is born 6/4/02 - he was 1 when he was found.  He cares for himself, speaks clearly and in complete sentences.  He has been part of the Half the Sky program since 2005 (file completed in 2007)
I am working on getting an update for him.

Darwin - 12/3/02

And this darling - yeah wait until you see this surprise.  Darwin's family is no longer to proceed so he is available again.  He is smart, athletic and has the same athletic and performing talents as Zach (above).

Madison adoption is happy to still honor his $5000 grant reducing their fees to jsut $1500


The BIG NEWS that has been bothering me for a month and I couldn't figure out until TODAY!!

ZACH & DARWIN are ~ 


Just 2 hours away from each other!!

WOuldn't they be perfect brothers
Virtual twins!!

That means 2 fabulous little treasures without extra time in Ch!na


I am shocked this little sweetie is still waiting!

Haven - is 5 1/2 and jsut about the cutest Pixie I have ever seen!
I am not sure if she is specific to Lifeline, but they have the cutest video of her!!

Vincent - 6 years old

Lifeline also has amazing video of him.

He is so smart, and absolutely darling.  He is extremely mobile and is in desperate need of a family.  He lives in a very small orphanage where the healthiest elderly care for the children in their rooms.

THis darling boy has EVC and jsut had surgery for his knock knees through a partnership with Hong Kong.  I will try and find the videos again.  He is amazing and in a wonderful NGO

Jemma will be two years old in June. She is from China and takes a great picture! Unfortunately, we are not sure whether or not she has achondroplasia - she didn't have many pictures. She does have 'hydrocephalus', which we are wondering is part of her achondroplasia or not. Once a parent would get her medical file, hopefully her diagnosis will be a little more apparent. What we do know about her is that she's absolutely adorable. 

Darling little guy born 02/2004.  

He is described as being optimistic, brave, strong, and outgoing. He has achondroplasia. 

Love this little guy born 11/2005

He loves to learn,and enjoys jigsaw puzzles. He also likes performing, although he's shy at first. He gets along with lots of other kids and loves to play. 

He is with (but I think he should be going back to the shared list soon)

Beyond Handsome boy!!

About 10 years old and is described as being creative and outgoing.  He is at the top of his class! He loves to help the younger children and likes to sing and dance.

PLEASE let me know if you have particular questions about any of these children.  I have seen most of their files and do NOT have reservations on any of them.  I would bring any of them home in a heartbeat if my husband would let me.  Dwarfism is such an EASY special need.  However, these kids have NO chance if they age out except this hideous place.


  1. We received Vincent's file today BUT we can't move forward unless we were given an income waiver. Waiting on a domestic placement situation first before we request a waiver. But yes, he is cute and amazing. Our little SED guy is amazing!!

    1. Becky I bet you could get an income waiver, he has been lsited for quite some time and he is classified as special focus (they all are) however this means that China is more likely to issue income waivers, we know lots of people who have gotten them. I have the information of one other family who adopted also from this orphanage. My email is under profile.

  2. Vincent is also on my heart. We thought about adopting him but but cant right now. Two of ours have gone through major surgeries. I have pics and info on him if nyone wants it. Please adopt this little guy. He needs a family almost as much as someone out there needs him.

  3. What a beautiful group of kids! I'll be keeping them in my thoughts.

  4. We got an income waiver with Lifeline for a much younger child. I love that kid and pray you can move forward for him, pending the waiver.

  5. Hi Yvette, I am a single mom waiting to start the process soon. Please send me information about the last boy (10 years old) listed on your post. My email address is Thank you!

  6. Could I also have some information on the last boy on the list (the 10-year old)?
    Thank you!

  7. I nly wish my husband was working right now as I would ask to bring the ten year olds home. We have a little guy who is a dwarf and he is 7 and such a delight. Wish it wasn't so darn expensive.
    Do you know which agences they are from Patsy at

  8. Came back here to this post to thank you again for advocating for Haven and all the other children! Thank you for helping me find my daughter and taking the time to write about these special kids! :)

    Missy - Haven's MOMMY!