Friday, April 19, 2013


Yeah I wish it was a good kind of rocking it -
but the last few days I have been up way to late
 and then I heard the deep thud -
 an unmistakeable sickening sound.

The sound of Cav hitting his head on whatever he can find
rocking, rocking, rocking
trying to go back to sleep.

And my heart breaks
to think of so many children
in rows upon rows of cribs
all rocking and banging in an attempt
to go back to sleep.

SO many children still wait,
rocking themselves,
and ingrained need to be held.
and rocked by a loving family.


  1. 6 years later my Ellie still rocks herself to sleep. In attempt to add levity, be thankful Cav has short hair! If he was a fuel, you'd have quite the comb out job in the morning!

  2. hi, first time to comment on your blog. I love your new photo of your beautiful family!
    My heart just broke reading your words. I pray daily that dh will say yes to another little one.
    blessings, Ashley (our daughter came home in 2010 from Henan)
    p.s. I live in centennial :)

  3. We still have the rocking also. I wish I knew a faster way of filling up my son with love and security. It is this rocking that breaks my heart as I see the very little babies without paperwork ready for adoption. The younger the better.

  4. The blog makeover is lovely!

    I was so horrified the first time we saw Hannah rock herself to sleep. :(

  5. Same here, Antoine still rocks in bed. But it is still better than when we were in China. It was totally scary at that time!