Friday, April 19, 2013

Tao update

I feel like we hit the ground running and haven't paid any attention to our newest little treasure.  PLEASE know he is perhaps the greatest treasure we could have ever been given.

I know doesn't that sound terrible - especially with 5 other kids.

But oh is this baby amazing.

He speaks so well (English) in 3-4 word sentences.

His newest favorite "Ma, I hep you"

I have no idea why he calls me Ma.

Everyone else calls me mom, momma, mommy LOL

I laugh at all the months of trying to pick out his perfect name
Yep, he is primarily jsut Tao ~ he knows he is also Griffen but doesn't respond to it.
When asked his name - he says "I TaoTao"
Most importantly the meaning of Tao (the way, an idea of peace) fits his gentle spirit

He loves all the kids - and we call him the completer.

(he is under the fuzzy cube in blue) He tries everything with the confidence we wouldn't hurt him

He loves anything to eat, and these two are thick as thieves

He loves these holidays with food!

Oh and we lick the beater here - like this Ma!

And Ma's iPhone - love that thing!

Loving the few warm days - glad I kept the little tykes stuff!

"I Hep yu buggy" (the big dopey one who has grown out of 3 sizes of jeans this year and is now relegated to shorts LOL)

Loves himself some JieJie and Lacrosse.  He has calmed her soul

I have no idea what God has planned for us in the future.
But this little bundle of pure joy has taught us to 

"Not to save our life for ourselves,
 but to spend it on Christ"


  1. Darren also calls me "ma"!!! For the first two months - presurgery - I was "ma ma". Some time during our hospital stay it changed to "ma"...said in a bit of a loud, gravely tone :) The other kids call me mom, mommy, or mama...but not my sweet Darren "ma" it is :)

  2. I love reading about your children. Tao is such a cutie. Cav remains my prayers.

    The scenery around your house is amazing! Love the Yorkie; we have had two. We got both at six weeks of age, one lived to be 14 and the other 16. I miss them so much.

  3. Well, the Chinese work for mom is "māmā"; and it's not uncommon for children and adults in China to shorten that to just "mā." So in all likelihood, that's why Tao is referring to you as "ma."