Thursday, October 29, 2015

Yes . . .we are alive

So, I actually had a reader track me down and what she asked broke my heart - did we disrupt?

NO!!  We have our little guy home

He is sweet, happy and truly one of God's gems.

Racing to to do all of his paperwork AND raise the $30,000 needed to adopt him  - - in just over 5 1/2 months just about did me in BUT we met Remington (Remy) the very end of June.

From the time he walked through the door we knew he was severally delayed.  He looked like a baby who just learned to walk.

Oh but his soul - so sweet,
His spirit - so happy.
And of course we were in love.

Our time in China was hard - we were expecting a child that potentially was ill, but on target for an almost 5 ear old (or close.)  The truth was he couldn't navigate steps, had little ability to walk AND due to a last minute change Brahm went with me instead of Morgan.  This trip was hard.

Oh but this beautiful boy was so worth it.  And interestingly, because he looks very European in his facial features, everyone just assumed he was our birth child.  We never had any issues with the Chinese being mean to him or about him.

These two are 6 months apart in age, and a world apart in ability.  Tao has stepped into his role of big brother and has been amazing.

Remy is legally blind due to his albinism.  He sees well enough to get around which has been fabulous for our family.  Our kids are amazing - taking his hand and telling him up or down in Mandarin when he gets to steps etc.  Remy REALLY needed a family, he was so neglected and needs so much sensory input, so he is the perfect child in this crazy large family of ours.  Someone to always play with him, teach him, guide him.  

We have SOOOO far to go, but I know for a fact that this little boy needed to come home, and God has incredible plans for him.

(Don't worry I will be back soon, we are facing some pretty major changes over the next few weeks.)


  1. AHH!! Yay! I have been so waiting for an update! He is so adorable!

  2. Yeah !! so glad you did an update, I had been wondering too, So happy is it going well, hope all is well with the other kiddos too, yeah I searched back through you blog some to try and remember your last name or get a hint hoping I could find you on FB, but no luck, not that I tried very hard though don't want to be a stalker or anything lol

  3. Oh, so glad to see you are all well....I too wondered if
    you were just too burned out to blog!...I am seeing that
    a lot in many blogs I have followed for years.
    Your new little boy is beautiful and I love that the
    older children are so attentive to him.
    Bless you all with your coming challenges.
    mm, age 69, Vancouver,wa.

  4. I'm so glad you posted. I've been worried (although it was more about Remy's health, it was driving me nuts that I didn't have his name to pray for, but God knew who it was, it was just my human heart that wanted a name). I'm so glad to know that he is home.

  5. I'm so happy to read that your little one is home! I too had begun to wonder if something had happened to stop the adoption. What a blessing this little guy now has a large family, full of loving siblings and parents to help him navigate life! The best to all.
    Nancy also an adoptive mom, mother of 8

  6. Yay! So happy to see you posting again! I check once or twice a week.. didn't know how to hunt your down or I would have too! The newest addition is adorable and I hope he begins to thrive and catch up in no time (How long as he been home? Since June?)

    Hope everyone else is well too!! Looking forward to catching up!! xoxo

  7. Hello! I am glad to see you are back! I am a reader from afar (Toronto, Ontario) who was hoping you were OK as well :) I knew that whatever was happening, you needed time with your family. Remy is such a wonderful boy - what a sweet face! Thank you for sharing this special journey with all of us.

  8. You were missed. Glad your boy is home and being embrased by the love of your family. I also adopted a 5 year old with unexpeted delays. Its a road you just don't know where it will take you. My son is now 16 and still has challenges. I have grown a lot along with him, he is a sweet young man, who can also rage due to his early abuse. The good parts about him outweigh the challenging parts, its still hard though as he does not "fit" into most categories. he is deaf, but also has developmental delays and history of trauma. People tend to want to categorize him in one category but they all affect him. So it takes a lot of work to educate schools, or other places about him and how to best work with him.

  9. Thank you for posting again! Im so happy your new son is home and being the beneficiary of so much love. I have missed reading your updates! Cant wait to read more

  10. Hurray! I was worried for you guys. I'm so glad your baby is home!

  11. I'm so glad that you updated. I wasn't the reader who asked about you, but I'm so glad that we weren't disrupting. ;) Remy is so beautiful, what a blessing to your family! He is just precious!!!! I'm so glad he has a family at last. Congratulations to all. :)

  12. What an adorable child! Very glad that you're back.

  13. YEAH!! thanks for the update!