Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Adopting children with dwarfism

First let me begin by saying that I could really adopt 12 of FeiFei, she is delightful, sweet and so happy. She has felt like she has been a member of our family for years instead of not quite a month.

 Dwarfism is such a DO ABLE special need.

 There are currently over 24 children with dwarfism needing homes RIGHT NOW!

 I ask that you look into your heart and question how much does size make a difference!

 As the parent of two children with dwarfism I can tell you that the famous saying women love "Fabulous things come in small packages" holds true for these guys too!

 THey have all of the spunk, love and energy they just are a tad bit smaller.

  In addition, the very unique part of adopting a child with dwarfism is that you KNOW!

 Most times you can guess on the type of dwarfism the child has (although most will have achondroplasia like FeiFei.) You know how bowed their legs are, if they are walking, if they are having numbness or tingling which could indicate spinal issues.

 Frankly the scariest time as a parent of a child with dwarfism is prenatally and the first year.  And although as much as I hate to say it, it appears that adoption and dwarfism is truly a case of survival of the fittest.

 Did you know that children with dwarfism are considered a BAD OMEN in most countries. After traveling in China I finally understand why. THe subway and most of the specialty things charge based upon height. My children with dwarfism may never meet the pay price even as adults, and in a culture which values paying your way, people with dwarfism are given a bad image due to no fault of their own.

Our day to day is figuring out the basics -
 can they get in this chair - oh wait that one has a bar they can step on.
 a step stool in the car allows her to get into her carseat
 oops those pants are to long, but these capris are jsut perfect and so are the leggings.

 I would say that self image can be an issue and mind you our children with dwarfism are only 4 & 5 but if you asked the kids in our sons classroom they would tell you that little man is their favorite friend.

I chuckled today when I saw the two of them surrounded by 8 other kids at the playground.

THey might be little but they are mighty.

 In addition, their is a phenomenal yahoo group of parents who will answer your questions along the way. THe LPA is incredible, and BTDT parents have layed out everything from IEP information to area specialists.

 Does FeiFei have a large head, tiny fat fingers, and short little legs. 
But she also has an award winning smile, and a whole lot of sass! 

 If you are thinking of adopting would you please consider looking at one of these children.


  1. ~Love it!~ She is so stinking cute! The video you posted of the 3 singing together she cracked me right up!

    We're still trying to figure out our little ones health issues and if it includes dwarfism then we'll be loving on her little self just the same!

    Also, our two coming from China have Spina Bifida but we were so open to Dwarfism.

  2. Just an amazing family you have! FeiFei is such a beautiful girl!

    (visiting from RQ)

  3. I just found your blog. We adopted Louba, achon, and brought her home December 11, 2011. It has been the best experience having her home. Nothing slows her down. LPA is a wonderful group that has helped us with questions we've had, which haven't been a ton since she is healthy. BTW, our Louba just turned 4.

  4. A very beautiful family indeed! Your blog has been very informative, and enlightening! My wife and I both have dwarfism and we are longtime members of LPA, and we are in the process of adopting a child with dwarfism from China. We have been preapproved and are getting ready for the first of two home studies next week. We are very excited, as well as anxious to embark on bringing our child home!

  5. I wish to adopt a dwarf child but am having a very difficult time finding any without extensive traveling. I am unable to travel. I found a darling girl in Russia but they want me to travel there three times!! Goodness I would be very grateful for any assistance. Thank you so much

  6. Hi, Yvette! Took me one google search to find you!! Thinking of you guys - hope for safe travels home. We made it home last night, after only one thwarted escape in SFO and one huge meltdown, during take-off no less (I rang the attendant light to try to get some help getting PingBin into her seat belt, as she was hitting, kicking, trying to bite me. The flt attendant says, overhead, We cannot answer the call during taxi-ing. Ring your light again if it is a medical emergency. No, not a medical emergency. Unless I lose a finger!)First day home today was good overall. So nice to meet you. Are you on FB? You can find me Leigh A Shaver. :-)

    Best to you and your family! Leigh

  7. How long is the process of adopting a child with dwarfism?

    1. If you look under my profile you can email me but it took us jsut about a year to adopt.

  8. Awesome. And a really happy bunch of kids, I must say! We can only imagine the hurdles that you'll have to leap through: the stigma of adaption along with the cultural notions about people with dwarfism. All of these can be transcended, by will as well as that of looking into the various areas of the adoption, as well asmaking sure that all potential issues are compensated for and settled.

    Adoption Network

  9. You are one great person! Adoption is such a big decision for most couples these days, but you made the leap and did what your heart desires. I have no idea about the stigma they suffer from, which is probably the reason why we should love children with dwarfism all the more! Thank you so much for sharing this to us. More power to you and your family!

    Carlos Strey @ The Bridge Across

  10. Is this little girl still available for adoption? She is a beautiful child and we would love to have her part of our family.