Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Outside Fun!

One thing you have to love about Colorado are the surprise beautiful days - it was 65 degrees today!!  Last day of break and of course I had to kick all of the kids out.  They actually had a blast!

* FeiFei loved the snow
* She figured out quickly snowballs
* Cav actually went in the grass - we have to figure out better pants
* They loved the trampoline, dollhouse and swingset
* They especially loved the hot chocolate surprise when they came in!

I have to admit I was surprised that Cav actually went outside, and didn't freak out at everything.  Just when I think I have this kid figured out he surprises me.

People have asked about FeiFei - she is just - well, she is just family.  She feels like she has been with us forever, Baba adores her and laughs at her dwarf antics.  The only time she is sad is around bedtime and she quickly calms with food, family, fun!  Prayers please as a part of me is waiting for the other shoe to drop and I am wondering if that will be tomorrow when the kids start back to school.

Since I wanted this adventure to be transparent and not all rainbows and lollipops.  Life is rough with Cav.  He is either whining, crying or hitting.  He has no idea how to share and frankly the other kids are about done with him.  I really have not wanted to say it out loud but there you have it.  I think a big part of the issue was that his caretaker was a 20 something year old man who gave into Cav's every whine for the last 2 1/2 months.  I know we have only been home for a short time, and hopefully getting into a routine will help.

We will see how tomorrow goes as little man has kindergarten for 3 hours in the morning and I am a little worried about drop off and pickup and how to juggle everyone.  I think I have figured out all of the carseats and everyones cloths are laid out.  We are notorious for being late so lets hope we get there remotely on time!

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  1. My daughter is 3, I have a niece who is 3 and a nephew who is 3, and 3 is just rough. I am not downplaying what your son Cav has gone through. I am saying 3 is already a difficult age, and he is going through the sharp trauma of entering a whole new world (and leaving the former behind). It's bound to be rough...for a while. I wish you all the very best to have the patience to make it through. (And if you ever find you have a little extra patience on any particular day, please feel free to send some my way. ;)