Friday, January 27, 2012

Daddy's big day!

Whew what a packed 24 hours!

I co-lead the women's ministry at our church, and in November I made the committment to help host the wonderful ladies on our team for a thank you dinner.  This has been the first real night event we have done since we got home.  It also left without an evening to help the kids with everything they needed to accomplish.

Today was daddy's birthday AND daddy day with FeiFei at school.  Soooo, I got my older kids to help make a card for daddy, help FeiFei decorate the hat they needed for school, and find her a daddy outfit.  They also decided to decorate the - ummm - the burnt slightly dark cake which I couldn't serve the ladies and left for the kids to devour.

When I got home, I found this cake - heehee those are grapes on top, and I have NO IDEA where they found frosting!

A darling card which was a collaborative effort.

 FeiFei this morning in her cute little Daddy's busy bee shirt, waiting to show her beloved Baba his hat! We realized this week she had no idea what a daddy was since have maintained the Chinese term for daddy - Baba.  So we tried to explain that daddy and Baba were the same.

Gotta love this hat!!

So cute together!

Makes me fall in love with this man all over again!

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