Monday, January 9, 2012

Little Stars & Preschool

We had the app Fun Mandarin by innokidz when we went to China an in those first hours we played the sing along to try an distract the kids.  Boy did we have a surprise when they began singing along!  It was so fun.  Now they will run around the house and sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in Mandarin and even little man has begun to learn some of it.  I jsut had to video them before they forgot it!

On the home front.  I knew I was in a bad place last week with Cav.  So I downloaded the book (I knew I didn't have time for mailing from Amazon) THe Connected Child.  It has been a lifesend and I would recommend it for everyone.  

The kids had their child find eval this morning and despite the fact that FeiFei doesn't speak the language or has issues with self care due to her dwarfism she was determined to be up to par and will not qualify for preschool.  I would have to say that this is due to a fabulous foster mom and Half the Sky program.  

Cav will have another evaluation on the 20th but we are pretty sure he will qualify for special ed.  I think that there is a smart little guy in there, he just is so lacking in his experiences that with a little intervention he will be caught up by kindergarten.  In addition, I am at a total loss over his hands.  This was NOT something that was disclosed on any of his reports.  We would have made a different decision on our medical coverage in November if we had known.  We are fortunate to have great coverage EXCEPT for therapy which is only 20 visits (combined specialties) a year.  His hands look like 5 fingers instead of 4 and a thumb.  He appears not to have a pincer grasp.  In his own resiliant way he has figured out how to use them for most things, but I can see where he will have issues in school with writing, cutting etc.  

Lastly, our new social worker came for the 1 month visit report.  She was awesome, and actually said things looked much better than she expected LOL!  THankfully, the kids were pretty good, and she was able to give me some pointers on working with Cav and his fighting and hitting of the other kids.  I DO have to say though that looking back even a week ago, this little man has come a long way!
We also learned today that he HAS to have a nap!


  1. FeiFei - belt it out baby girl! Thinking she has a future on the big it!

  2. How precious!!!! My daughter came home a little over a year ago at the age of 5 and she has lost all her native language. Please tell me about this app you are talking about. I am not tech savy. Many Blessings, Amy