Monday, January 2, 2012

Bath time

I think I have mentioned that we live in Colorado. Well, the severe lack of humidity is playing a number on poor cavanaugh's skin. I am not sure if he is prone to eczema or it is the humidity and food changes. I guess time will tell. Today we went shopping and as the day progressed I noticed his black hair turning greyer & greyer from the little white flakes. Tonight I tried a 2 in 1 baby shampoo but suggestions wold be great. We lotioned up after his bath. The bottom part of his leg that drags is just bright red & chafed. BUT I love bath time and it is proving to help with bonding. He is actually happy and we seem to be able to reach the little boy inside we so want to love. Bubbles, warm water and a washrag!

Oh and bad time for the dishwasher to die so prayers we can get a new one in a reasonable amount of time!


  1. When we adopted our two boys from Detroit I learned the miracle that is Nutragena T-Gel. We let it set on their heads for a good 10 minutes and I was amazed at how easily the issues went away after several uses (about 48 hours apart). Also, our favorite lotions are Burts Bees Body Butter or Eucerin. Eucerin especially!

  2. Our oldest daughter had eczema and we used Eucerin. What brand of car seat did you say that you liked? You can email me at