Sunday, January 1, 2012

Say it

I have to say I can't believe how easily both our little gems have begun to repeat words after us. For stitch we are working at getting him to at least pick up some words because the whining and crying are just one of the few things that makes this momma CRAZY! Give me a house of loud wild kids over one little whiney one. Ok sorry I digressed. So with the big kids home from school and me being sick they really have had the patience to sit and get the kids to say something in English and then even more importantly purposeful speech. So we have been having them say please or thank you, potty, more, eat you know the basics . . . The kicker - we alsontoldmthem to say it. Yep Stitch belts out clear as day with " say it" to funny!

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  1. You posted awhile ago about what car seat you bought and liked. Can you again send me the brand? Thanks!
    Sandy Peters