Friday, January 6, 2012

Food ~ Glorious Food!

One of the things I was unprepared for was the amount and length of time these guys spend at the table.  I mean I knew that their schedule was 

Wake up ~ eat ~ play ~ snack ~ play ~ lunch ~ play ~ snack ~ tv ~ dinner ~ bed

But that now equates to eat ALL DAY LONG!  It doesn't help that my oh so helpful husband introduced them to kiddie crack ie Frosted Flakes.

FeiFei refuses to eat with chopsticks anymore 
(so glad I bought a bunch of those in China) or eat noodles or rice.

Cav still eats a little blander diet but is now refusing noodles and frankly I suck at rice.  

FeiFei is used to fruits so I try to have a bunch of that around, and I try to offer oatmeal for breakfast instead of the kiddie crack but man if she sees the blue box it's all over!

I am now at the point that I make dinner for everyone else and if our two newbies don't like it they can always have the bowl of noodles (costco) which has been a lifesaver.  It was all Cav ate for the first week (adding some meat).  I don't think he ate many veggies and even lemonade is to "spicy" for him.  

They still mainly just drink water, and are constantly thirsty.

Anyhow, snack #253 was blackberries (thankfully I found on sale!)

Don't mind the Carl's Jr cup it was orthodontist day and not FeiFei's!  
We aren't quite that bad - yet!


  1. ~Wow~ I cannot wait to get our two home from China. Our son is in a better orphanage and at a great height/weight and exposed to many different foods but our daughter is not in a great place, definitely NOT exposed to many foods nor at a great height/weight. I can't wait to cook for them both!

  2. Alexandre his home for almost three years and I can tell you that except brocoli, he has been eating vegetables and fruit for a very short time. Still with the fruit it's hard to convince him to eat any at home (I know he does at the day care).

    Alexandre could eat rice and pasta for everymeal if we would let him.

    I think in Jining they were really into rice and dumpling.

  3. I meant, he is home, not his home...