Monday, January 30, 2012



Yesterday was a horrible terrible no good day!  Our honeymoon period is OVER!  The kids were all FIGHTING - they usually are pretty good, but every single one of them was at the throats of the other, bickering, goading, and just putting each other down.  I would have expected this when we first got back from China.  Of course since Daddy's only day off is Sunday - it doesn't help that they were acting up either.

After some extra chores which included cleaning up most of our 5 acres and animal . um . . excrement they seem to have gotten it out of their systems.  Also I have noticed that FeiFei and little man seem to pick on Cav so I have been very conscious about putting an end to that.  Apparently having virtual triplets (Cav is the biggest of the 3) wasn't the smartest idea.

To end the day, and against my better judgement, I sent Cav along with the other kids to kids club last night (at church).  I was assured that they "could handle him", he couldn't be nearly as difficult as I make him sound and he so wanted to go -

and we were two doors down

Ummm, he wasn't invited back LOL!!
Good thing he is so CUTE!!!
I think we will wait until next school year to try again.
Atleast I feel slightly better and that I am not crazy LOL!

This one however has everyone eating out of her hand!

Oh and as a side note, between China and all of the Dr appt's I have given these two more freaking suckers then the other three have eaten in their entire lives. 
 Yes, I am the mom who goes through the Halloween candy and throws out all of the suckers!

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  1. Ha! Keep them suckers coming, as a mama you gotta do what you gotta do! I, too, am the mama who pitches the Easter/Halloween candy! Suckers don't bother me as much as gum...can't stand that stuff!