Thursday, January 19, 2012

Outside Fun

One of the nice secrets about Colorado is that even in the depths of winter we will get beautiful days!  I have learned over the years that if it is nice even for an hour - kids need to go outside!

One of the true blessings of our life was falling into this house.  It is even more of a blessing now that we have a 3 preschoolers at home!!  The front yard is atleast an acre and was completely enclosed by a fence before the sellers had to sell due to divorce.

We have a long driveway for the kiddos to ride bikes.  I jsut close off the gate and let them ride to their hearts content.  I was even thrilled that I hadn't given away the little green 4-wheeler.  It's electric so Cav can ride too!  
(Now if I can figure out where the cord is we will be golden!)

This child amazes me and I know that it truly is due in large part to  
When we got her picture book we saw her riding a trike.  This is a huge accomplishment especially with someone with dwarfism but man is she awesome!

Love these squeaky shoes (minus the squeakers) with bows from Hobby lobby

We got this darling little playhouse from Costco this summer on clearance and they all LOVE it - momma needs to buy them some pretend food and plates!

The swingset was left here by the sellers!

All day FeiFei asked if she had school.  Not sure how to explain she is only going M-W-F, but apparently she loves it.  Oh and she asks me in ENGLISH!!  

Cav woke up with a smile and has been great all day, after two days of grouchy, and mean spirited behavior it has been a welcome relief!


  1. ~Great update~ By the way, you'll soon learn what Cav's emotional triggers are and what makes him grumpy. I pray for him to continue to heal...its such a long journey but so humbling.

  2. Such Cutie Pies!!! I love your yard!!! Samuel loves being outside. It's like a whole new wonderful world to him after being indoors for most of his life.