Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Care package photo albums

One of the things people "DO" when they are waiting to go get their angels overseas is send or purchase care packages.  THere can be a debate about this but I was very strong in the mindset that kids are kids regardless of how they grow up.  You would have a hard time getting me to believe that the kids in an orphanage don't notice the following steps.

1. they go to the Dr
2. They may go to a camp
3. they get their OWN package or birthday cake
4. They may get new cloths
5. They get to go in a new car BY THEMSELVES and get a picture done
6. THey have parents.

There is only one step in here which I have any control over, so YEP I sent them BOTH care packages, and I sent the ones with the albums.  In the beginning when I was still new at this whole thing heehee! I wondered about these albums.


They are the single most important thing I did to help with the beginning stages of their bonding.  BOTH of them came to us with their books.  THey would look at the books and then name us.  Even when we got home they continue to look at the books.

I jsut had to smile when I checked on Cav during his nap.  And who doesn't love a sweet sleeping baby!

But when I looked closer I really had to smile.

Do recognize what is by his head?  May be you remember this post!  Yep those are the extra pictures we sent with his cake.  His beloved GeGe's (little man had a playdate this afternoon) pictures taken out of his family picture book and looked at until he fell asleep for his nap.

Now that just warms my heart all the way to my toes despite him fighting with the kids right now!

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  1. I love these pics of Cav! He may take longer to come around behaviorally and emotionally, but I bet it will be so rewarding in the long run. I can't believe how Raimey has changed in a month. She has snuggled in my arms, let me kiss and hug her...and you know that wasn't the case just weeks ago in China! Isn't it amazing how adoption changes us as parents???....we are able to realize how great each of these "normal" moments are as we see them in firsts each and every day. Keep on keeping on! I love that you are advocating, too. :)