Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why adopt

As I sat in the Dr's office AGAIN this week, I finally got it.

WHY adoption makes a difference.

Yes, we are giving them a future,
Yes, we were following God's plan,
Yes, Yes, Yes.

But as I sat for 1 and 1/2 hours as 3 people worked to get THE EARWAX out of Cav and FeiFei's ears,
I got it!

I didn't expect to leave almost in tears, but I did.

It bothered me more than I ever expected, and these sweet angels hardly made a peep.

NO CHILD should be left
so abandoned, so untouched,  so uncared for ~

That the wax is allowed to build up.
That their head is completely flat in the back,
That their torso is covered in bruises from being tied to their bed,
That his skin is so dry he "walks" on deep cracks,
THat you can see the fibers of his muscle through his skin,
That their hair is thin and sparse,
That they are scared of a world of plants, animals and outdoors,
and on,
and on,
and on.

I once read a post about the deep sadness the author felt when she witnessed a room full of orphans singing to ~ NO ONE.
No one to cheer,
No one to clap
No one to care.

That is why these children need homes, parents, families.


  1. Well said.......AMEN! Glad your little ones have someone to love and care for them now. I leave tomorrow to go get my girl:-)

  2. May all the waiting little ones of the world be united with mamas who will be so attentive to their ear wax and more.

  3. PERFECTLY said!!! No child should have to endure what these or any child neglected does.

  4. When we went to the orphanage to tour after adopting our son, it hit me that there were 50 babies in the room, but not ONE was crying. Not one. And then it hit my WHY our daughter has PTSD. They don't cry because there is no one to help one that cares.
    THAT kills me.

  5. Amen girl! I've got goosebumps head to toe. You hit the nail on the head.

  6. Another Amen from this mama's heart! To see a child go from agony and fear to sheer joy and delight is JOY UNSPEAKABLE.