Monday, January 16, 2012


I'm not quite brave enough or have completely synthesized the information enough to discuss our first days in China with this little guy, but it is safe to say that we would have made a horrible mistake if we had allowed Satan win.

Has his adoption been hard, YES.

Are we seeing enormous improvement on all parts, YES.

THis little guy is incredible - he should not be mobile by any counts, but that is also a different post.

THis child who has been all God since the day his file arrived to us, came to us so depleted, with only the skills needed for survival.

It is absolutely incredible to see him SMILE, to connect, to slowly try to communicate with us.  THis child who FREAKED, and I mean lost his mind with plants the first weeks he was with us, can now go outside.  The same child who only knew how to take and beat on the other two little kids (he outweighs little man by almost double,) is slowly beginning to understand boundaries, that somethings are just HIS, and somethings are everyone's.

He is slowly beginning to spend a few minutes with a toy (although this is still rarely,) instead of pacing like the lions in the zoo.

He has stopped whining ALL DAY LONG, and is beginning to seek us out individually jsut to spend time with us, see what we are doing.

He is starting to communicate his wants, and we are very careful to not allow him to ever feel hungry.  

One of the turning points came when I bought each of them a water bottle.  They carry it with them everywhere, but it seems to have helped with the constant need for water and almost fear of going without.

 If he communicates his want then we will give him whatever he wants . . . yes even his now favorite Kiddie Crack!  He has learned several useful signs and finally today said EATSA for breakfast!  
We are incredibly thrilled to call him our son, we know that the journey will continue to be hard, but we can see potential.  I so look forward to seeing what God has in store for this little guy, I have a feeling he is part of a greater plan, more so than any other of my children.


  1. He is beautiful! I'm so happy he found you, his family :-)


  2. Oh, my! Sweet precious boy! God will use HIM to change YOU! My sweet sunshine boy would scream and freak completely out over animals those first few weeks at our home.

    Your sweet Cav will heal, in his own time and as he heals you will become more effective at teaching and training him, at guiding him as he grieves and learns what emotions are and how we use them.

    What a blessing this little man is to your family! I can't wait to see him bloom!

  3. ANyone have any answers on how to get a stool sample from him. ANytime I try he just STOPS. No potty chair, no regular potty nothing. I think I need to write a book on the untold told parts of adoption! Figures the kids who poo'd everywhere and got it everywhere jsut weeks ago won't go now so I can get a sample!

  4. Hi Yvette,
    I have been stallking your blog for a while since I found it! I am very happy to hear of the improvement Cav is making and how well you are all doing. Tim and I have prayed for you...we knew that adopting two was hard because we struggled with just adopting one at a time! I know we did not talk much in China but we admired your family and your children are all so beautiful! I am so happy to know how things are going for you. As for the poop question. I had to put saran wrap on the toilet to get Jailynn's sample when we came home for her. It worked because she did not realize it was there until after the fact. Very gross... but you gotta do what you gotta do. Anyway, maybe that will help??