Saturday, January 7, 2012


The one part of going to China with everyone was finding pet sitters for our manageria!  One way we bribed people was telling them they could have all of the fresh eggs from our chickens.

Do you know that those stinkin' chickens did NOT lay a single egg while we were gone!  Not ONE!

Apparently they missed us because this is what we were presented with this morning!

And this array of eggs is why exactly we began with backyard chickens - I dare you to find pink and blue-green eggs in any grocery store.  Funny thing is we don't have a single normal size white egg laying chicken this year - I think I was a little to zealous in selecting brown egg layers though!

Almost anyone can have chickens in their backyard and they eat tons of scraps.  Heck, they were thrilled when we first got home as they LOVE and I mean LOVE noodles and with the amount of noodles Cav was or wasn't eating everyday they were in hog  chicken heaven.

A great resource is and they have an awesome resource whether there is an anti-chicken ordinance in your town.  I'm thinking omelets for breakfast!!

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