Saturday, January 21, 2012

Reality Check

Well today was a reality check!

Daddy works Saturdays, he has for as long as we have had kids and most of the time it isn't a huge problem.  I usually am pretty good about organizing the kids events so that although I spend a lot of time in the car, they get there on time and I pick them up ON TIME!

Today was the first day since we got back from China that our big kids had activities.

Lets jsut say I am super thankful for the kindness of those around me.

We were late for jsut about everything except princess's activity since she tends to worry about being late and starts getting everyone out the door WAY early!!  In fact today she had all the littles in the car and I was still making sandwiches . . . cuz

I somehow forgot lunch.

Then I was so late picking up our big boy, you know when they call and offer to drive them home since they are going out for some frivilous reason anyhow!

Oh she was so nice, and I have a feeling that our paths were meant to meet at this time, heehee she even prayed for us as she is in bible college.  By this time I was so tired and my back hurt (see below) so bad I jsut said we can take all the prayers we can get.

Cav missed his nap.

I have come to two conclusions, almost doubling the number of kids affects logistics when it comes to strollers and cars.  So do the kids disabilities.

 Cav is big for 3, although he can move he needs to be carried everywhere.  My back just can't take much more of carrying him everywhere.

We have been using a single stroller but that leaves two little ones walking.  FeiFei is obviously NOT happy about walking everywhere.  Although little man hasn't complained much, he is also used to riding too.

So, I took ALL my kids tonight to REI after picking up Big boy and tried out  the BOB double stroller.  As I suspected with the new model we can actually get all three on the stroller (2 in the seats and little man on the front foot area.)  Besides they have the navy blue on clearance.

As far as the car, we have a Toyota Sequioa - which I LOVE, but it has NO trunk space!  Like 12 inches.  Even with a single stroller I can't get anything else in the back (ok a few grocery bags but who goes to the store and gets a few bags!)

We have to have AWD, or 4WD, minimum room for 7 people including 3 carseats, running boards so our shorter people can get in, and I would prefer flex fuel.  Oh AND trunk space!

So anyone love their vehicle?!?!

Also I will be trading in my beloved bug

Really it'll be several years before I can even begin to think of driving it. 
I can't fit 3 carseats in it.  

It was a HARD decision.
(although I had discussed it previously when we needed adoption money and before our house sold.)

I always told my husband that I wanted a convertible bug before I turned 40.  
He bought it for me as a surprise several years before that, and this year I turned 40 and I jsut have to laugh at God's humor.  
I got my bug by my deadline
and how much my life has changed.
 It is only material things, and I will gladly give it up for our little blessings.

Now it is 6:30pm and oh yeah

Somehow we still haven't had dinner either!


  1. My husband's favorite quote is "God is just a comedian playing to an audience too scared to laugh". I couldn't agree more that His humor is superb!

    We have a Town & Country and an X-Terra...we will outgrow the van by bringing home our two from China and I have no idea what we'll get. We will have to look at the HUGE vans! What I would love is the new Nissan NV passenger van. I am drooling over that one!

    We, also, have a BOB stroller and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! We should have gone with the double but the single is working out fine for now but soon we'll need to get a double. Our little Analina can't walk and well, our little one is just too tiny to make it far!

  2. Let us know how you like your stroller! We're looking at investing in a better stroller. Does yours have the swiveling front wheel?

  3. Chevy Suburban - I'm picking up my new one tomorrow. It's Flex Fuel (we farm so super important to us), captains chairs in the middle but you can get it with a bench I believe, lots of cargo space and they have either 0% financing or $3500 rebate right now.

    I have the BOB single stroller & love it - I bought the single when we brought the little home...we are headed back (fingers crossed for summer travel) and I now wish I had the double!