Thursday, December 29, 2011

Guangzhou Marriott

Ok first let me apologize for the pictures but really I just forgot until we were walking out the door.

We had a suite and a regular room across the hall. Now we love the Marriott and if I had had a choice on the number of rooms we could have done all of us in the suite but it did give some room to send children tired of being together in separate rooms (trying to look for a bright side!)

I'll start by saying we arrived at the hotel about 10 pm. I had called earlier in the morning knowing it was a late checking telling them we wanted to use out Marriott points to upgrade. Everyone seemed to speak perfect English and I got a confirmation this was ok. Now leet me tell you we started this journey with an American express card for points but then switched to a Marriott points card this summer once we realized our agency didn't take Amex. I had enough points to pay for he upgrade and probably some nights if they hadn't figured out our itinerary on fri night before we left weds morning. I guess I just didnt have that fight in me.

Anyhow got to the hotel at 10 pm and no they haven't upgraded told us we already paid they can't upgrade us, I was ticked, our new guide thinks I am partially a freak, so we go look at the adjoining rooms. Yeah no way in h@ll can you get two cribs in that room without taking out the desk - which is attached to the wall. So I don't let anyone enter and ask for the manager. I know I have over 100000 Marriott points and when the heck will I is them with 3 kids 5 and under. I ask her where she suggests I put two cribs and this is unacceptable and I called this morning. By now our guide thinks I am a freak and my husband thinks she is going to never talk to us. After some time we get our suite with a room across the hall.

People the difference is HUGE!! Well worth the upgrade and did I mention I am elcheapo on hotel rooms!

BEDS are awesome by china standards. I don't think I could have lasted on another concrete bed. They aren't the usual Marriott soft but the comforter and pillows are.

The suite has a door to the bathroom as the showers and everything are glass.

The 4th floor has a little playroom and then a huge outside area with swingset for the kids to play on it made for a perfect quick one parent adventure.

Breakfast is awesome! We all found items we lived and the pastry chef was awesome. Of course we all loved the French toast and the littles liked the noodles the man made when you first enter. Oh and the bacon yum!! They also have lots of highchairs - stitch says sorry for the plates Marriott.

Pool is also on the 4 th floor but neurotic daddy was so worried someone would get sick - heehee that'll teach him!

There is a street mall on the lobby floor which has a grocery ( didn't use) and Starbucks (fabulous!). If you continue down this little mall and out the doors there is a 7-11 where we got beverages everyday!

We also toured the block ( a big one) and if you continue down the street past the 7-11 you will get to Lola's bakery (you will see a sign across the street for creative hair). It is awesome and we fed the kids several times with the hotdog pastries and the ham and cheese croissants. But ask what's in it because one gorgeous one had fish - so glad I asked! We walked down the street after Lola's and went to the little market for the big bag of sweet rice cookies the kids like and the red milk with the baby on the front Cav came to us drinking.

All the way down the street before you head back towards the Marriott is a tea. House. It was wonderful and they were so kind. We kept emptying the cup and they kept filling (I think I already wrote this post Lol)

Everyone knows the Marriott only as the china hotel. Although it wasn't on the island if you crave soft beds it is worth that alone as I don't think I could have done another week.

ok I think the pictures are going to load
1. Awesome map we found in subway of things around you
2. Play area
3. Suite
4 & 5 regular room
6. Lobby
7. Suite
8. Playground
9 &10 suite
11 bakery sign and street

Sorry they ate so out of order, I'm on my iPad and have to use the blogger app which doesn't do pictures in order


  1. HI Yvette,
    I just wanted you to know that I stopped by. I love your blog and I am happy to hear that you are feeling better and getting settled in. Your family is beautiful and we enjoyed getting to know you in China. I will keep you in my prayers.

  2. ALso, I was not my best in China at all and went through major warfare and just plain bad attitude junk. Being there was hard in some ways and very special in others. I just wish I could have a do over and pray more while I was there. It was hard. Looking back, I cherish the friendships that were made. I think your family is amazing. You have wonderful children that were willing to pitch in and help. I know that Cav will settle in and his behaviors will dimminish as time goes on. Jaidyn is doing really well at home. I hope you will visit my blog:
    Give Fei Fei a hug from me. I was absolutely charmed by her. She is so beautiful and sweet!