Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas eve

Feeling a bit better and figured I could use the "bed rest" ( can I not have a child and not barf!) time updating some posts. I'll do Christmas and hopefully the end of our trip.

We got home late on the 23 rd but thank goodness I spent the extra money getting the nojetlag tablets from REI they are kind of expensive but worth ever penny. We had two boxes for 5 over and 7 back while being conservative on the amount given at times. To be completely accurate I think we would have needed 2 1/2 boxes but by the time I found them the night before we left I couldn't do that ,uh math anymore

They can be found here for your closest location nojetlag tablets

We used them. Oth ways and then the melatonin the whole time we were there. I am not sure if it was overkill or not but it worked for us and the kids. If I had not gotten sick we would not have had any issues at all.

We had original contemplated staying in hong kong through the holidays since our whole family was with us but at the last minute decided that home was still better. With my pre-leaving organization I had outfits for everyone for Christmas eve just encase we could make it. Ther is just nothing like Christmas eve candlelight service. We were worried how the little stones would do, but the did great. We sat in the way back encase we needed a quick escape. FeiFei was entranced by our dear pastor. Since we were in the back she could stand on the chair or look down the aisle. We even let behave a candle which oh I wish I had my camera it was true glory. We talked with a few people and saw a noticeable change in FeiFei's personality when someone picked her up so we are at the no one holds the kids but our immediate family stage. It was the first night she had a hard time sleeping through the night which I think she equates a stranger holding her with taking her away. So heartbreaking.

When we got home we opened up our chistmas pj's and little man was beyond thrilled. He had seen the elf slippers a month before but I tole him I hadn't bought them and they were sold out. I know there is something wrong with dressing two dwarfs as elves but I say if you've got it then fluent it! Besides he was so excited to open his gift. We had celebrated on the 6th before we left and told the kids that there would be one present each plus pj's.

Oh and the picture where Cav has his mouth wide open he just saw the "evil human eating cat" run by!!


  1. Oh, your little ones are too sweet. I just love them. So sorry you were so sick and I am so happy your babies are HOME.

  2. Hah! Cackling at the picof Cav seeing the cat. Congrats on a smooth trip!