Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Guangzhou metro & safari

What a fun day we had! We rode the metro from the Marriott hotel all the way to the safari park. It was easy ( I have explicit directions below) fast and best of all only cost 48 yuan total round trip for all 7 of us ( 3 little kids were free). This basically made going to the safari park economical enough we could go versus 2 taxis or renting a van for the day. Besides no traffic, it was awesome!

The safari park is incredible. Probably one of the best things we have done as a family. It was a cross between Disney Animal kingdom and Jurassic park - ok no dinosaurs but at times I felt
Like we were in the movie!

A note for parents who haven't adopted before. Cavanaugh FREAKED. He freaked at the plants, the animals everything. Remember he came from
A porter orphanage so I think his experiences in the world were null. We were totally no prepared for this - I mean who freaks out over plants? We finally gave home a crispy cookie thing and put a sweatshirt over his head. I sure wished we had thought to bring a blanket but this was the best we could do.

I am so proud of him. He totally turned it around. We tried to get him touch the plants, understand that nothing would hurt him but he wanted nothing to do with us or his environment. After a bit we noticed he was playing in the stroller with FeiFei - looking at the map. He then started noticing his environment and by the safari part he was actually interacting. Best of all he was interacting
With us and actually laughing. For all we know he was saying we were morons but at least we finally felt like the little boy we came for was reaching out to us! Fascinating to watch and heartbreaking at the same time, a child 3 1/2 years old not having the slightest experience with the world we know.

Anyhow, this was definately a bucket list day! Consulate early tomorrow morning as our trip begins to wind down!

Specific metro directions to the chimelong safari park, Guangzhou

This is a copy of the current map of the subway system. Marriott hotel is off the light (bright) blue line, your first transfer is where this line meets the darker blue line, and the last transfer is onto the orange line 3 stops from the end (not sure why it is all one word on this map)

The metro station is right outside the Starbucks located in the food street wing of the Marriott hotel. This is the line 2 and you are at Yuexiu Park.

You will see machines as you enter the main lobby type area that look like ATMs. They are the 'ticket' machines these are actually touch screen and the metro charges different prices for how far your trip is. Touch the "Hanxi Changdong" circle off of line 3. It will enlarge so you can be sure to click on the right spot. Then for # of tickets there are squares for up to 6 tickets I believe. Make sure you have 5's & 10's with you!! Insert the money and little round coins and your change are dispensed.
When you go through the turnstile you will wave the coin over the sensor. Make sure you keep the coin for the end of your trip!

1. You want to take the train heading toward sun yat-sen (right side of the track) if I remember correctly. Each time you get on a new train you will want to look closely at what the next station is after the one you are at. This will tell you which one of the two trains to get on. It is not hard and is very well marked but make sure you have a map with you.

2. At Changgang (they will also say connection to line 8) you will get off and follow the signs for line 8 trains (or follow the crowd.

3. At Kecun you will get off again and transfer to line 3 ( just like step 2)

4. At Hanxi Changlong you will get off and follow the exit signs for "E". You will begin to see the wall pictures change to safari park ones. As you emerge go towards the information signs. You will see the big blue buses to you right of the information kiosk or the bus shelter. Don't go with anyone outside the building they are not with the park. The bus will take you right to the front gate

Going home is the same but once you return to the Yuexiu Park station you want to head toward the D exits. Both D1 & D2 get you outside next to the Marriott. The one with stairs is next to the Starbucks, and the one with the escalator is closer to the front door.

We traveled with 3 small children, 2 older kids and my husband and I. Not a single time did I get on the subway did someone not give up their seat so I could sit with the little ones. I did carry one (non walking) child in a carrier, and the other two by hand. We carried a folded up double stroller until we got to our destination.


  1. The Safari Park is amazing.

    Samuel too seems to have never experienced so much of the world. I am so thrilled for you all. God is so good!

  2. Thanks for the directions! Can't wait to go there this summer! :)

  3. Thank you so much for these directions! Linked from china adopt talk.