Thursday, December 1, 2011

My SHERPA is back!

Because I am either really bad at math or in denial I had to count 4 times - yes 4.  We have 5 more days and a wake up before we leave!  I still have no itinerary, have to figure out how to charge an unknown amount of $$$$ which I have been guaranteed is higher than my $9000 credit limit on my marriott credit card, oh yeah and finish my laundry so I can pack!

BUT today we crossed off two important things on our list.

Dentist - last vacation little man's teeth literally seperated as in the top of the molar sheered right off!  So we started the morning getting the boys teeth checked (I had made the appt months ago but decided not to cancel because of little man.)

He's good!

ALL is GOOD!  
and thankfully no cavities but I realized I probably need to look at getting dental insurance with FIVE!

 Because of issue with missing school, I ran our big boy back to school for a few hours before his next appointment.  Since we are not leaving until the 7th we don't have to worry about the whole getting dropped from the school thing but I didn't want to test the waters missing today too!  Luckily school is a mile from our house!

In the afternoon we went to the orthopedist to check and see if this little treasure was joining us in China!

Of course the cast had to be cut off, which scared little man so he hid in a closet but curiosity got the better of him!

X-ray showed bone growth on the distal end of the Humerus which means - 
With a little more care over the next week


I still can't believe how perfect God's timing was in everything.  Starting on the 8th airfares go up $300 and they continue to climb until the week after Christmas.  The increase is as high as an extra $1000 per person!  In addition, we had been told by the school if we left on the 6th or before our big boy would be dropped from the school!  If we had left even earlier, he would have been in China, in a full arm cast which would need to be removed and a total PITA.  He jsut amazes me!

  1. All of our kids are packed except I decided FeiFei needs either black leggings or a denim skirt ( or both!)
  2. All of the donations are packed except for the Christmas presents going to New Day Foster Home.
  3. Craft room was rearranged so the train table etc could be moved down there, and the little boys room is more open.
  4. I think I have pet sitters lined up
  5. I think I have all of the kiddos paperwork printed off and copied.
  6. Slowly but surely we are getting there, and let me tell you for someone who normally packs about 2 hours before we normally leave I am doing GREAT!!

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