Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas day

I think I forgot to mention we were blessed with a white Christmas here - almost a foot of pure white snow at our house when we got home. It was all done, the roads were clear and someone had snowplowed our long driveway!

One of the deals with my old slightly Scroogie husbands was that if we were spending most of December in chine he wasn't decorating. Fine, so I went and bought two little trees I had been wanting and some decorations specific for them in the future and decorated a small area in the living room. This was the perfect solution since we figured a live tree would be dead once we got home anyhow. Of course I missed the after Christmas sale for an artificial tree so I guess next year we get another real tree much to my husbands delight - truly!

We felt well enough to wrap the few presents and Some clothes I had bought previously for the kids. I even went as low as wrapping new undies for them - something my husband made me promise never to do since this was all he ever got for Christmas (hmmm might explain the Scroogie disposition but I'm still working on it!). Besides we left a trail of old undies and clothes in china and promised new ones when they got home;0)

The kids loved opening the presents and stitch was awesome at cleaning up - another positive orphanage behavior we like - see they aren't all bad!

****Note- he is 3 1/2 years old and we bought him a remote control car for 3+ years. He had no idea what to do with it. Between illnesses I did get to the store and got him a vtech book for 6-36 months and a car set for 18+ months which was much better. ***

FeiFei got a doll with carriage and bed set which was perfect for her. So sweet to see her love on and nurture the little baby!

I was a little nervous as the family all planned to meet at our house since it is large enough and central. My mom and brother planned and prepared everything. Did I mention that I was sick and went to bed after presents until about 3.

The littles actually did great but I have come to find I already have mommy thought over cav's legs. Yes he very interesting but he is not a science experiment you just come and rip his socks off to look at ( my FIL). He is first and foremost a scared little boy.

It was interesting to see how the effects of daycare (I worked nights for years and not a big daycare proponent- I know a few are good but the majority are not sorry for the soapbox) and orphanage played out over the evening. Let me tell you the daycare won out after I found Cav being strangled by his cousin who he outweighed. It is sad to see the submissiveness he has at times.

We will give him back his confidence I just know slowly but surely. It's definately Like having a new piece of clay to shape just a little until our beautiful boy is one of us.

It is so interesting getting two - one from foster care for 3 years and one from and orphanage to see the differences. FeiFei acts like she has been with us for years, Cav can be down right frustrating to the most patient but he is also the most rewarding.

When we started this process almost a year ago all I prayed for is for our sweet FeiFei to be home for Christmas!

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