Sunday, December 18, 2011

Church on Shamain island & pictures

We spent the morning at the church on Shamain Island (where most of the kids appointments are). I have no idea about the history of the church or how it can hold services but I can tell you two very important things - 1 it was packed with those worshipping and they seemed to keep coming in. 2 worship especially the songs, in any language, calms the soul. We actually lasted an hour with not to much disruption.

When we left I saw a young couples praying over a tiny baby, you could almost feel the intensity of their prayer. It occurred to me either the baby was Sick or they were preparing to abandon her. This was only our impression but as many passed by them they were so intent, so sad, praying fervently over this tiny baby girl. Please pray for them.

Tomorrow is our TB tests and they look pretty good. My pictures are limited today due to battery issues, but we bought the darling squeaky shoes for FeiFei ( minus the squeakers). They were only $5 a pair and are comparable to bear feet or other boutique brand leather shoes! And they fit her wide feet!

Stitch aka cavanaugh is doing better. He slept from 4:30 pm yesterday afternoon straight through to morning. I am sure the disruption of his schedule has been hard on him. You can almost see him trying to be better - like putting his garbage in the trash can and looking for approval. I do have to say that he is incredibly agile despite the significant malformations of his legs. He "walks" so fast on his knees. Although I am sure it makes others around us uncomfortable, we let him down especially where there are slick marble type floors. We have gotten a few comments but truthfully people have been so kind here.

Pictures of us
Between FeiFei's dwarfism and cav's legs and little mans big eyes and traveling with 5 kids we get lots of stares and requests for pictures. We are fine with it, and the girls LOVE little man - in fact he got a calling card from one girl today! He has been so good about it and says hi to most people in both English and Chinese. Our big boy was outside the shoe shop today and received 6 requests for pictures in the span of about 10 minutes. Such an interesting experience!

I realized today that Christmas is in a week. There are Christmas decorations up everywhere and look like throwbacks from the 60's but we were told that they love the decorations and the idea of Santa but not the real meaning of Christmas. It makes me very sad. These are the small things that truly make me long for our home. Things may not be easier for a while and we anticipate a long road ahead for Cav but we at least have the freedom to live our lives in peace.
Gotta love the lady in the Christmas getup getting her pictures done on the island!

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  1. Ohmyheart. It makes me so sad to see that last picture. I'll be praying for them!! Glad to see your posts! :) I'll be praying for you all too! :)