Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hong kong

Yeah we have started our trip home! We spent the day at the park across the street from the Marriott - think central park - it was beautiful. Then we took the CTSbus which picks up right at the Marriott, to Hong Kong. We were able to get tickets directly to the airport and since our hotel (regal) is connected it was by far the cheapest and dare I say the easiest way to go. We are one to many to just rent a van and if we took the train we were worried about being split up in two taxis for the $50 ride to the hotel. Luckily, no one had to use the bathroom during the 4 hours total door to door. We rode a greyhound type bus from he Marriott to the china border and then transferred to a minivan for the rest of the way. You can drive FAST in hong kong. The hotel doesn't really have many options for kids food so we ended up with room service at 10 pm but at least hey should be ready for a nap during the trip tomorrow. At least adult beverages are free on international flights. Actually Cav did great on the bus. He did start crying at one point but we think he was just tired and didn't know where he was. Poor little man I sure wish I knew more mandarin to comfort him during these times.

Poor FeiFei we are wondering if she has a food allergy, second time we gave her a pasta that she almost immediately threw up. Ugh I have no idea on this - I haven't heard of food allergies in the adopted children from china and since we received minimal information about her. I guess I will try to email the foster mom when we get home and try and ask her. I have to say that sweet girl has fit so well into our family. I am sure she is scared to death with all of the changes around her but she is a trooper for the most part. I am really glad that the big kids are home from school until the 5th so they can continue to be a constant with her.

Our plane leaves tomorrow morning at 10:45 bound for Detroit and then to Denver. Please pray that all goes well for all the kids. Little man is having some issues going from very much the baby to the oldest of the littles. He adores the new kids - especially FeiFei but also is having many issues which makes traveling that much harder. Oh I can't wait to be home!

We figured out that we could add the ergo to the back of the double stroller to help hold little man and give him a "seat". Works great, we get a ton more stares and I am thrilled he is only 27 lbs!

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