Monday, December 5, 2011


Let me start this post by reminding you that we live in Colorado - 
tonight is going to be -15 degrees YES that is a NEGATIVE 15 degrees!

Gardens have been gone for months, leaves have fallen and the cycle of life continues.

School was delayed 2 hours this morning,
Performances were cancelled this evening due to dangerous temperatures.

And what do I find in my bathroom?
A Godwink,
a little assurance that the little ladybugs (as Chinese orphans are so often referred to)
 belong in our house.

I have no other explanation for 2 - did you catch that TWO!! ladybugs, 
living in my bathroom during the dead of winter.  
We first noticed them during our frustrating time waiting for the delays on our Article 5.

Just a glimpse of one at a time.
It was special, a sign I was sure.

But I about fell over when apparently they migrated from the far wall across the room to being in the same spot just over the balcony door 3 stories up!

One likes the crack in the door and the other burrows into the folds of the blind.

Two fabulous, gorgeous little ladybugs coming together just for us!

I fall to my knees in thinking of HIS grace, HIS compassion for our family.

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