Saturday, December 24, 2011


I am so thrilled to be home!
I loved parts of china, I could even imagine living there for a time, but 7 people all living in hotel rooms, no kitchen, and constant appointments can wear on anyone!
We left hong kong at 8 am on the 23rd which was 8 pm on the 22nd Detroit time, and arrived home in Colorado springs at almost exactly 8 pm MST on the 23rd. Fom what my math challenged brain can figure out this was almost 36 hours of travel give or take a few. The flight from hong kong really went well, no screaming, crying just lots of trips to the bathroom but that was fine as we needed to stretch our legs. Thank God for seat tv's that even our new little ones watched. We couldn't find any in Chinese but seemed ok. They also are already iPad and leappad pros which helped.
They did great on the 2 hour car ride home. We had bought some of the pleasant goat movies in Guangzhou so we put those in the DVD player before putting them in their carseats. They did great. I also think that having them use the 5 point harness in the stroller since day one helped.
We were exhausted but thrilled to be home.
This morning started with me having bronchitis and sinus infection, cavanaugh barfing twice, princess I think has pink eye and little mans finger is infected where had been complaining of a splinter. Our new rice maker that someone bought for us is defective and just about all that could have gone wrong did while we are gone. However by noon I made my first batch of congee which Cav actually ate, and figured out that they both like ramen noodles oriental flavor!! For some reason this just made me laugh. The kids are playing and we actually found an old matchbox set which Cav is in love with.
I could have sat down and cried this morning but I felt so blessed, when I was looking for clothes that might fit Cav I I accidently opened up the wrong box for the rice cooker and found clothes for both kids, the Chinese rice a friend had brought by could also be made by stove, and of course RQ had congee recipes. I had tobramycin on hand for the trip to china for the pink eye. Friends came over with prepared food for tonight and helped shovel ( figured out the snow blower) before we got home. Due to the holidays Target was open late so that Chris could run out for a high hair and playpen for Cav to sleep in. I do have to laugh that we are such firsttimers at this adoption thing. We prepared for an almost 4 year old not factoring in his delays at all. I am not one to ask for help but through this last part of the process relying those around me has been at the for front.
Although Cav will take some time, as he is freaked by all the animals AND stuffed animals, he is also a constant reminder how much we take for granted, even the small things in our life. And on the dawn of Christmas is this not one of His most important lessons we should learn.
Merry Christmas from our little bit larger family, and our much larger hearts!


  1. Merry Christmas and WELCOME HOME!!! :)

  2. Any updates?? Following your journey everyday!