Saturday, December 3, 2011

FeiFei's Doll

It's been a long time since we had a little girl in our house, so my princess & I have kind of turned into freaks - but contained ourselves since we have no idea what size she wears.  One thing we were certain of is that our FeiFei needed a doll.  Oh but not just any doll we reasoned, nope a Chinese doll.  Well, that folks is an impossible feat - you jsut can't go to the toy store and buy an asian doll!  FInally after scouring stores and online (the ones they do make we didn't like) I found a doll pattern at Michael's.  So I got some tan yarn and crotcheted for the first time in almost 6 years!!

THankfully some of the wonderfully ladies at church were available for questions and youtube is fabulous!!  It isn't perfect, and I am still not sure if the face is cute or scary but I jsut was done redoing the eyes and mouth.  The neck is a little long so we added the necklace, and hanging off her dress is a matching bracelet for our little Fei-fa-lotta (the kids nicknamed her after watching pippi LOL!)

I wasn't going to bring her but she is so cute, I am pretty sure I jsut need to find space.  But if you see tears in my eyes it is probably because our wild little woman tore her dolls leg of in 5 minutes - you know the one that took me 6 weeks to make!

And I jsut had to show what my fabulous 9 year old made for our little Christmas trees!

She is a finger knitting fiend and she made the cutest tree scarves to dress up our minimal Christmas trees this year!

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  1. Ok LOVE THIS DOLL and the name. We happen to love Pippi. Wish I could clean like her! Will the sweet ladies in your church make us one? I know you don't have six weeks with spare time to make another. It's really precious!