Saturday, December 17, 2011

Alive & well

We finally can get online and post! What a trip! We just got to our final destination city - Guangzhou, china- where the US consulate is. We have had the kids not quite a week and have traveled almost the north- south length of China. I will post more about the trip later but I know that you are wanting to know about the KIDS!!

FeiFei is an absolute doll and charms everyone we meet. She is smart and talkative. She loves to perform, is prissy and just a jewel. Her gotcha day was rough though. They traveled with five kids by train 2.5 hours plus picking up the kids etc. then it was decided the kids would be brought to the hotels and not to a central location. FeiFei was the last to be dropped off. She arrived wearing 4 pairs of pants, a thick jacket, a turtleneck, and sweatshirt. We thought she weighed at least 10 lbs more! We were handed to bags stuffed full of cookies and treats? Apparently when she was returned to the orphanage in September she pitched such a fit they returned her to her foster parents. So not only had she spent all day traveling ( it was now 5:30 pm), watched 4 other kids gotcha day, and had just left her foster parents that morning - once she realized we were the "mama & baba" for her she screamed a blood curdling scream that wretched my soul until she fell asleep. Oh how I spent that night praying, my heart hurt so much for her. My head knew it was for better but how my heart hurt. When morning came she woke with her beautiful smile and has filled our hearts with her laughter.

Cavanaugh arrived arrived shortly after to 2 last Sunday. He was all smiles and we were amazed at how agile and fast he is despite his significant limb impairment. He apparently got sick on the way and his multiple layers were covered in vomit ugh. He arrived with a male caregiver who was awesome. He barely cried and we had a great time with him until FeiFei came. The next day we saw his caregiver again and spent the day with them again as we finished his paperwork. We really had no choice about this. His caregiver had to be in his mid 20's and was very nice to him but also gave into Cav's every want. When we said goodbye at the end of the day you could see that his caregiver was very shaken and I think that this affected Cav more than we may ever know.

The next few days were as close to hell as I ever want to come. We were warned before we left that Satan hated adoptions and if you remember cavanaughs adoption was totally a God thing. I am ashamed to say how easily we forgot to go to the foot of the cross during our time of trouble but in a land so vast and without any form of religion we faltered. We did have to search our souls as Cav's hands are also affected (we were unaware of this) and decided although this might be harder than we ever thought he was our son. Please keep us, him in your prayers - we have seen prayer calm him and help us.

We have affectionately named them Lilo and Stitch.

Now let's see if I can upload some pictures!


  1. I am so sorry to hear that the transition has been a bit rough. I will be in prayer over this and also the surprises that always creep up!

  2. Please tell me, what happened to make your day close to Hell? We adopted 2 March 2010 and we are going back for two more treasures April 2012. Praying for you!