Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Red couch photos & US Consulate

We began the day with our 8:30 appt with the US Consulates office to take our oath and finish our paperwork. Some unnamed child was beyond a grouch - we had to go before breakfast I think and routine seems to be better for him.

After the consulate & breakfast! we went back to Shamain Island to finish some shopping - Squeaky shoes! FeiFei definately has the wide feet common with dwarfism. Striderite shoes are typical the only option, but the cheap leather squeaky shoes fit perfect so we bought enough for hopefully the next year or so!

We also had to stop and get the customary red coach pictures. The white swan is amazing!!

We also made it to the herbal & pet market. We saw lots of fun things and of course princess girl begged daddy for each animal!!

After dropping the kids off at the hotel for some down time we walked past the 7-11 and along the large city block looking for a grocery store. We found a wonderful bakery that made pastry wrapped hotdogs which the kids loved. A little further we found a small grocery type store which had treats for our long trip home. Lastly, we ventured into a tea shop and tried both green and jasmine tea. We bought both teas, a couple little cups and a few pots. It truly was a wonderful experience but I think that you aren't supposed to leave an empty cup as they kept refilling! The jasmine you count out 25 little flowers and the green tea is 5 mg I think or a small scoop.

I think we have everything packed including all of the squeaky shoes. Praying Cav handles the flight home!


  1. I had heard that the White Swan was closed until Aug 2012 for renovations. It's not?

  2. The rooms at the white swan are closed but the lobby is beautifully decorated and we loved walking around! We stayed at the China Hotel - Marriott