Thursday, December 29, 2011

Walking pneumonia & GI

I have either been in bed or at the hospital since christmas. So not what we needed right now but atleast today I am not as delirious as the past few. Atleast it isn't the Asian Flu which I feared at one point. That would have been good. My dear husband had to take off even more time from work and thankfully my mom is also here to help. Both now look like tired housewives.

We haven't let the kids in really to see me for fear they would catch the GI bug - so not sure how badly this is affecting the process. Little man is a momma's boy so he is having a rough time but if his 27 lb self got this sick it would do him in. Hopefully with a second antibiotic on top of the Zithromax I will be feeling better today.

Prayers all around please, I planned for everything but this.


  1. Yvette i am praying for your good health returned! i am Bobby's warrior and was just so touched to read your message on patti's giveaway post! thankyou for your pleased to find you jane from the flight platformxxxx