Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Our sweet little FeiFei is from the fabulous Half the Sky program in Qingdao, Shandong province.  I am part of a great yahoo group specific to this province and had heard all the fabulous information about the orphanage and city but resigned ourselves to not visiting due to the dual adoption.

5 kids + 450 miles roundtrip = one set of crazed parents!

We had heard all along that parents "got" their kiddos in Jinan and then had to travel to Qingdao and back.  Of course this ruffled my feathers a bit after making the decision to not go.  When asked our agency was unaware of the need to travel again etc.  Yesterday I asked specifically as in if we are going to Qingdao it WILL be by bullet train and we WILL be spending the night.

Sure enough I found out today that there is a requirement by the police for parents to pick up the passport in person!

We also after many emails were confirmed that yes we would be going by bullet train (only 2 hours each way) and staying the night.  But I have no further information from there.  Hopefully tomorrow we will get our itinerary . . . oh and bill LOL!

Let me jsut say though that after seeing my friend Renee's pictures of Jinan (they adopted Cav's cribmate and their darling son was also at the Tiger Camp 2 with FeiFei) I am thrilled to be going to the coast for a few days.  My lungs jsut seize up thinking of the smoke!

Hopefully, we will get our new pictures of Cavanaugh in the next day - they are lost in cyber space somewhere : 0(

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