Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Natives are restless

Ok, I know this is so bad, we are 4 YES FOUR days into our wait for Travel Approval.  

My sweet husband ( below shown with my son) called me today and 


Soooo, do you know when we are leaving yet?  



Pretty sure this is NOT something I am going to keep from him LOL!!

Then these three have been all out of sorts. 

I know I am lucky, I have great kids, but they are about ready to make me strangle someone.

Little man is spending most of the time worrying about being a good big brother.

THe oldest is spending his time forgetting everything.

Princess - ok 2 out of 3 are making me crazy LOL

I know they are getting ready for their new roles in the family, for their new siblings and of course the unknown.  I know this is normal behavior, but the difference is that with a pregnancy you have a DATE to plan around.  Please pray for us all during this very last step.

Me, well, I have either been checking the computer or shopping LOL!  BUT I got a great deal on a double stroller.

Did I mention we are only FOUR days into the TA wait!!

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  1. I thought it was just me that was being driven crazy by the three babies residing in my home. They all know we are not so patiently waiting on siblings and they have all gone CRAZY!Praying for quick TA and sanity lol...